Lovely Shiloh

Have thine own way Lord



πŸ’š My dear Dad’s Eulogy πŸ’š

Dad was born in Ipswich on 6th Dec 1949. He was the 5th child of Sam & Freda.Β  He is survived by two older brothers, and two older sisters. When Dad was 2yrs old, Grandad, who was a Baptist minister,... Continue Reading →


Deep Grief is the price of Deep Love

I've survived over 2mths without Dad, and I'm still surprised when I wake up each morning and I don't collapse under the pain of it. Β Don't get me wrong, the pain is far far less consuming that it was weeks... Continue Reading →

Let the heart break..

Yes, it's been quite some time since blogging. Β :0( Β So much has been going on.. we have started back at school, moved house, started soccer season etc etc.. and been busier than we've probably ever been. Β  The stress levels... Continue Reading →

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