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Passion is your fuel.. Clarity is your power !!

Sunday afternoon took us to church at the unusual time of 4.30pm due to the NRL Grand Final coming on at 7.  (Yay for a footy loving Pastor. LOL)  There was a guest speaker (Andrew Stone) bringing a message and I went expectant.  I was not disappointed !!  I really wanted to share some points with you from that message as it really spoke to me.

The general topic was PRAYER… and that we should go before The Lord with a THANKFUL, or agreeing heart, for that which He has already blessed us with, as opposed to ASKING for this, that & the other.  As I’ve done a fair bit of reading on the topic of prayer and intercession over the last few years, I was already very aware that our Heavenly Father already has all for us that we could ever need, He has already blessed us with all we will need, but so often we fail to CLAIM it.

There’s a story that I’ve heard a few times about a man going up to heaven. An angel shows him around, but seems to avoid a big white warehouse in the centre of heaven.  The man insists on seeing inside, against the angels suggestion that he will not like what he sees.  When the door is opened and the man sees what is inside, a look of amazement crosses his face, followed by a sad look of realisation.  The angel says “Yes, this warehouse is full of those of God’s blessings that His children DID NOT claim.”

After doing the reading I have done, I’ve come to the realisation that I need to go before the Lord not to ask for such and such to be dealt with, fixed, altered, healed or whatever is needed for that particular situation, but with a thankful heart that is already HAS been handled. For example, in regards to my DH not having the personal relationship with God that I would like, I THANK Him that he DOES.  Even though that isn’t the reality right now… I chose to CLAIM what will one day be.  I’m EXPECTANT in all situations.  Now, don’t get me wrong… that isn’t always easy… and sometimes I fail at this and revert to asking, pleading, begging etc etc… but I can usually pull myself out of the funk reasonably quickly.

OK… back to Sunday’s message.

Humanity cages what it cannot control.  Man oh man.. how true is this !!  If we can’t make it work for us, we ‘cage’ it into what we can control.  Andrew used the parallel of a caged circus animal to a caged zoo animal in a conservation zoo.  They are both ‘caged’ but with very different intent by the person in control of the lock & key.  If we use the diagram with real people, Someone who is out of control will need lots of limitations placed on them, and under the wrong guidance, can become a bit of ‘entertainment’ to others.  Whereas someone who cares for that person and wants nothing more than their healing, will make very different choices in their ‘confinement’.  There was lots more to this but I’m not covering it in this post… as it really could make a separate post of it.

Matthew 17:20 –He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”[a]

I LOVED what he had to share about this verse.. and in particular, the mustard seed.  Who has ever thought that compared to God’s power, we need just this tiny amount of faith in comparison, for Him to work in our lives? But Andrew suggest that maybe it more speaks to the enemy’s scheme and how just a small mustard seed of faith in God’s power can dismantle his schemes.

Mark 11:22-24 –And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. 23 Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received[a] it, and it will be yours.  (What sea was he speaking of?? The Dead Sea…. where things cannot live.. and HOLD NO WEIGHT…. Cool right !! )

Isaiah 54:10 –For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you,
and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

Ezekiel 37:26-27 I will make a covenant of peace with them. It shall be an everlasting covenant with them. And I will set them in their land[a] and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in their midst forevermore. 27 My dwelling place shall be with them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

This brought us into looking into Peace – “Peace is not the lack of problem but rather the superior state in the midst of it.”

LOVE is the motivation..  GRACE is the meditation…  and PEACE is the manifestation.

Peace – Emptying ourselves so that God can FILL US.  Shalom – Breaking your agreement with a lie.

I have always loved the word ‘Shalom’, and like most people, just think of Peace when I see it, say it etc, but it was fascinating to delve further into the word and see what is behind the word when looking at the original Hebrew.

SHALOM – Destroying the authority attached to Caos.


I wish I could have found the image he used as it described it a little better, but if you see the word secure you can see the parallel of attach.  Also leader can easily be paralelled with authority (shepherds staff…  the shepherd was the authority over the sheep.).  It could read almost as well using the words in this image.  Destroy the leader secured by caos.

OK peeps… Lots to ponder on as always.  God’s word is awesome like that…. we can get a new thing from a scripture or even a word, that we haven’t previously seen.

Blessings xox

Being in good company

I’m gonna be honest. .  I’m struggling tonight. 
I want to be walking the right path.. I NEED to be walking the right path as I have little eyes watching me and little ears listening to me.  (and some big eyes & ears too)
However these very encouraging facts don’t make the path any easier.  The bumps are still there,  the ‘stones’ are still thrown, the misconceptions of me by others are still there. 
I solidly believe that I not only witness to my children through things that I say,  but possibly even more so by things that I DON’T.  When I’m abused by a family member and I don’t respond in like tone or with harsh words.  When I’m treated like a ‘goodie-two-shoes’ but choose to stay silent and not ‘defend myself’.
When I’m outright verbally attacked,  but refuse to take the bait and retaliate. .. they see that.   & you know what else they see… the frustration on the person’s face when I won’t lower myself to their level. 
Isn’t it interesting (& frustrating) that we can KNOW that God’s opinion is the only one that matters and yet the darts fired by others still hurt.  I often wish that I was impervious to these comments etc but I also know that I am taught a lesson through everything single dig at me,  every single comment made. .. and every single not-so-subtle insult on Facebook. 
I actually started this blog last night but the fact that I stopped part way through turned out to be a blessing in itself as I actually needed to be reminded of my own words when dealing with someone today.  
Praise The Lord it was actually a really great day today spent at the beach with Miss 14 & niece 17 (well great day except for the sunburnt back of the legs. .. what on earth).  Lots of time to think and talk to Jesus while the girls were out paddle boarding.  Something about being at the beach (I think it’s actually in any natural setting) that gets me closer to God.


I am constantly blown away of late with the relevance of each mornings devotion and how it has been speaking directly into current situations & struggles. If you don’t do a morning devotion,  I’d really encourage you to as it is just the BEST way to start the day. 
So, getting back to my title. .. with all that I’ve been dealing with in days of late… I am comforted knowing that Jesus was hated,  he was ridiculed,  he was treated as a fool… so when I feel treated like this. . I know I’m in good company. 
Blessings peeps xox

A weekend worth the wait !! :0)


After 2wks without DH at home, Friday couldn’t come soon enough, to jump on a jet plane and head to Beautiful Perth !!  8yrs since we have had a night away together kid-free !!

The plane was HUGE… I haven’t been on a plane bigger than 6 seats across before, so it was pretty cool.  However, when you fly on your own and are in a middle seat, you find out much you would normally lean on your travel companion, or the window if you have one.  It was a pretty uncomfortable flight having to sit bold upright for 5+hrs.

A slight mishap with forgetting my jacket was a bit of a worry for when I got out of the plane, but it ended up not being too bad.  (I bought a jacket the next day.) When disembarking, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, I was so looking forward to seeing my DH, but my smiles were wasted (LOL) as he had gotten confused in the airport and wasn’t at my gate anyway.  We found each other pretty quickly though.. and there was lots of kissing.  ha ha !!!

Our first stop was to find dinner.  DH went to an area he’d found a few nights back.  It was basically a street of restaurants, bars & cafes and was quite nice as my first Perth experience for the trip.  The Restaurant we settled on was an Italian place, Monte Fiore Cafe Restaurant, and had a lovely atmosphere.  How terrible that I can’t actually remember what I had, but I’m pretty sure it would have been chicken, well, coz I basically always order chicken. LOL.

When we got back to our accommodation that DH had checked into earlier that arv, I found the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers waiting for me. He had plans to bring it with him to the airport, but he wouldn’t have gotten it through security etc.  (I ended up having to leave them in Perth too when we left on Monday for the same reason. :0( … )


The following morning we headed to a nearby shopping centre in search of a jacket.  In my true thrifty style, I settled on a Navy Danni Minogue preppy jacket reduced from $99 to $39.  Woot Woot !!!!  A visit to Gloria Jeans mid shop was much enjoyed as I strangely only took high heel boots with me…. what was I thinking??

The movies was our next stop… we saw ‘Aloha’.  It was here that we found out that the movies are REALLY expensive in Perth.. well, at this particular cinema anyway..  For the two of us to go to a V-max movie was $48.. and that’s concession price.  Wowzers !!

Our plan was to head back for a sleep before our big night out at C Restaurant, but a lovely warm bath was far more appealing… gotta love a nice soak in the tub !!!!


So, our ‘splurge night out’ adventure began with parking our hire car a LONG way away from the Restaurant.. not intentionally of course, but needless to say, the boots may have looked fantastic, but they certainly didn’t feel fantastic after walking 10+ blocks.  It was certainly worth the walk though.  Even the forecourt of the building was interesting with several statues depicting the change of the business man over the years.  Here’s DH posing with one of them.


We jumped in the elevator and took the 33 floor journey upwards… yawns necessary.  The first impression was elegance and sophistication.  The lighting was quite dim which worried me at first, as I obviously don’t do fantastically in low lighting, but it wasn’t as if I had to move around much, so once we were seen to our table, it was all good.  Plus, you do need it fairly dark inside in order to fully experience the lights of the City all around you.  The Restaurant rotates at about an inch per few seconds… we were there just over 2hrs and just got around one full rotation plus a little extra.

The food was divine… expensive, but divine !!! The atmosphere was lovely, the wait staff were fantastic… all in all, a great experience.  It would certainly be nice to go there for dinner in the summer when you can enjoy seeing the city in daylight, and then get to enjoy a sunset etc.

The excruciating walk back was.. well, excruciating.  :0(  Like I said though, worth it.

Sunday dawned dull and rainy but we were excited anyway as we were heading to church to see our friends who moved to Perth 7yrs ago.  We thoroughly enjoyed their service, and then lunch out together afterwards.  Yes, you can tell by this photo that we defs LOVED our time together !!!


After saying goodbye to our dear friends, we heading an hour or so north to find the Crystal Caves.  I went there when I was in Perth for a conference several years ago and I knew that DH would enjoy them.

As this was to be our last afternoon in Perth, I was desperate to see a sunset over the ocean as, of course, we don’t see that here on the East Coast of Australia.

10625046_10153412062204540_3161560859877016985_n 11417749_10153414115374540_6757504657741777325_n

Our last morning in Perth was spent exploring more of the beaches and City.

1464026_10153413586134540_6119929978084331312_n 10257748_10153412134119540_3478290553158282611_n

The excitement didn’t end when we arrived at the airport as, soon after checking in, the entire airport was evacuated.  A little frustrating seeing as we were not far from boarding our plane when we were told to all leave immediately, plus it meant having to line up with the masses to come back through security.  It all proceeded fairly painlessly, and we even ended up arriving back home only a half hour later than planned.

All in all… the weekend was FANTASTIC, AMAZING, MEMORABLE, EXCITING.. and so much more !!!  I LOVE my DH to bits and am so blessed that God had him put aside for me !!

Blessings peeps !!  xox

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