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Colour Conference 2015

Toowoomba mini trip !

Hiya all…  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged…  slap slap.  Will aim to improve and get back into the swing of things.

We have just returned from a couple of days at Toowoomba.  For those of you not in Australia, Toowoomba is a ‘country’ town 2hr west of Brisbane… but not ‘country’ in the real sense of the word seeing as while we were there we went to the movies, had breakfast at coffee club, the kids ate lunch at McDonalds, I bought jeans at Jay Jay’s, and shoes at Williams… etc etc.

We stayed at the swankiest place in Toowoomba…  don’t really know why actually, but it was very nice.  We were on the 9th floor, which is basically the highest position in Toowoomba.  Unfortunately though, the rooves of the buildings in the CBD are all very boring, so the view wasn’t that fabulous.  Night time was lovely though.  It was a great position being right in the middle of the city as we could walk to absolutely everything we did.

We were there because Terry had to do some night work at the Toowoomba exchange, and he could have even walked to work, but the gear required etc prevented him from being able to do that.

The Hotel had a heated pool … and a HOT spa… It was sooooo lovely. The kids braved the pool, but Terry & I were only game enough for the nice hot spa.  I would so love to have one at home…. on cold winter nights.


Anyway…  such trivial info…  We enjoyed our walking around the city etc as we got to see the budding (excuse the pun) beginnings of the plans for Carnival of Flowers which is in a couple of months.  It’s amazing to think such tiny beginnings will result in the gorgeous overflowing gardens that are on show in September.

Here’s a sample of what they look like by September….



We’ve come home to find a possible burn off going on somewhere nearby, as it is raining ash everywhere.  Not a great occurrence when standing outside wearing a white shirt… whoops.

We are finally getting into our schoolwork for the day just now…  doesn’t bode well for an early finish time.

Our character trait journey is still going well, although we are still focusing on the first two I told you about due to lots going on of late…  I don’t want to just breeze over any, so if I think it’s going to need more time, I’m going to give it.

I listened to two fantastic sermons while away… both by Rich Wilkerson Jnr.  While he’s quite young and not always super serious throughout his sermons, the message within it is thought provoking to say the least.  I actually got onto this particular speaker because his wife, Dawnchere, is a speaker at next years Colour conference.  She is actually the main reason I purchased tickets for myself and Tyler-Jasmine to go.  Apparently she is a great speaker with teenage girls.  I wanted to share some links with you of the sermons I listened to but I seem to be having technical difficulties, so I would really encourage you to YouTube search both of them.

Another exciting event in the lives of us Kingsleys…  we hosted my sister’s 40th b’day party on Saturday night.  It was loads of fun.  Here’s a great pic of the party atmosphere we created.



Ok peeps…   that’s about all for now.  Hope to be blogging with you all again soon.





Lego… & lavishing love on my favorite daughter !!

Tonight, my 13yr old daughter & I went to see The Lego Movie together while the boys were at Cadets.
We’ve started a tradition of having girls night on Cadet nights, seeing as Terry & both boys are out of the house for a good 3hrs every second Thursday night.
While the movie was very entertaining, the real joy of the night was spending it with Jaz. I’m reminded a lot of late how she is growing up, maturing and becoming such a lovely young lady.
I am really proud of the relationship we have, and will fight tooth & nail to keep it in the healthy state it’s in.
I am so convinced the homeschooling path was so right for Jaz, as she has done nothing but bloom in this new environment, group of friends, and overall lifestyle change.
I am constantly blown away by the conversations we have. She is so hungry for God to show up bigtime in her life. She wants to hear Him, and sense Him tangibly, in all areas of her life, and is probably a little inpatient for these things to come about.
Hunger is good though.. It will keep her searching !
Meanwhile, I will continue to encourage her on her path with The Lord, answering her questions, suggesting good reading material etc.
She is still so expectant for Colour 2015 !! I really hope that excitement & expectancy continues to grow through the next 10+months. 🙂

Blessings peeps !!


The Colour Journey !!


Our Colour Journey began a few months ago when a saw a FB post.. someone selling 2 Colour tickets !!!  I automatically thought of gong with my sister.. and bought the tickets without even asking her…  LOL.  whoops !!  It was evident that God wanted us there as he opened all sorts of doors that day to allow us to go… cheap flights, accommodation options and care for my kids while I was gone, all sorted.

Then, as if it couldn’t get any better, only a couple of weeks prior to colour, I saw yet another ticket, just a single this time, available for sale on FB.  I automatically thought of my friend Jude, who I had talked with after Colour last year about going this year.  Financially, had this ticket come up even a week earlier, Jude wouldn’t have been in a position to purchase it, as well as flights & accom etc etc.  However, God is GOOD and had sorted out a financial situation in their lives just in time for Jude to be able to attend !! Just another Colour miracle !!

So, after great anticipation, we headed to the airport last Thursday for our lunchtime flight.  Stomach turning turbulence was not fun… probs the worst I’ve ever experienced…  but we arrived safely and met up with Jude before heading to our fantastically glamorous (LOL) lodgings.

Colour1_fri_am-27-2How Can we expect anything but GOD to show up with the rather large team gathering for prayer prior to the Thursday night start. :0)

Taking the 5min walk from our digs to the Sydney Entertainment Center.. cough cough…  The Qantas Credit Union Arena.. LOL. was full of excitement.  As I’d never been before, I didn’t know exactly what to expect.. but let’s just say… It didn’t disappoint !!!

The opener was like being at the best concert you have EVER been to.  Seriously, you know how you go to big name acts at huge concerts and they often sound really different from their recordings?  Well, the Hillsong vocalists sound EXACTLY as they do on their recordings…  Amazing sound !!

So, now.. onto the teaching….  the MEAT !!

34943scr_c3cf434a64f63f9A little pressie on the seat every session !!

Session 2, Day 2 (I must have been too excited to take notes for session 1 which was Bobbie Houston… sorry Bobbie…. I do remember it was a great night of teaching though.)

Beth Moore… Let’s just say – My most favourite Bible teacher.  A love of Bible Study was really awakened for me in 2011/2012 through first doing Beth’s ‘Esther’ Study, and then onto Daniel, Jesus the One and Only… and a whole lot more.  I’m now doing ‘Stepping up – A study through the Psalms of Ascent.’

1. Every believer is enormously gifted and empowered by the Holy Spirit .  Verses throughout the book of Jude.  (A short but fascinating read.)

2. An unguarded anointing is an accident waiting to happen.  (The story of Samson) Judges 14:5-6… but really the whole book is a great read.

Caution – An addiction to the rush instead of a desire for God. Not something I have experienced to a huge degree, but it’s quite easy to see how it would happen. For example…  It was a huge ‘high’ to be at Colour.. the entire time was a buzz..  I can see how it would be easy to go for the ‘show’ while not leaning in and receiving.

Judges 16:4, 7-14 – onwards. Delilah  – the enemy with his flirt on.  Loved that terminology..  so true..  It is easy to think that the enemies schemes are always of a nasty nature (well, they are all deep down), but he quite often use quite appealing methods to entice us, distract us etc.

3. We are not just vessels of the anointing… We are stewards.  What will we DO with what we have been given?

Our best friend needs to be humility.  We can miss our calling by our stupidity…. So true !!!

Conceit can supply a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. 1tim 3:6 & 6:4.  Judges 16:15 -19. 2 Tim 2:22 – 26.  GET BACK UP !!!

Session 3 – Brian Houston

Heart of a giraffe. 11.5kgs. God wants to expand & stretch our hearts.  I didn’t write much down from this session, but this giraffe heart thing fascinated me !!

Session 4 –  Sisterhood session !! This had the AMAZING ‘Happy’ opener !!!  Soooo good !!

Following this, there was a ‘lounge room’ set up on the stage for a discussion time with Bobbie, Lisa Bevere, Julia A’bell, Robert & Amanda Feguson, & another chick which I’m sorry to say I can’t remember…  I’m thinking she was from Cape Town though ??


The 4 ‘c’s of bible reading – Consistent, complete, careful, Christ centered.

SOAP – S – Scripture  O – Observation   A – Application   P – Prayer

Read The Word out-aloud . Developing a love for God’s word !  KNOW the word of God.. Be in the word of God .. Pick up on His inflections etc. (Loved this as I have begun to experience & recognise this over the last few months.)

Set, possibly name, your devotion time/place. Make it a choice !! Choose to pray

Choose to be in The Word. (You version – have it audibly speaking to us.)

Choose to be encouraging/happy/uplifting .

Get The Word in so we can send The Word out when needed… To others, into the atmosphere.. Against the enemy.

A possible prayer to pray when opening The Word.. “Lord, open my eyes to your truths. ”

Fire overcomes fear !!

A relationship with Jesus will help you to know your Father’s will.  Know people !  Know yourself !  (Reminded me of the quote from Sun Tzu that David Thomas modified..“If you know God, the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”)

Preaching !! John 4 : 29  … I LOVED this take on it !!! The story of the Woman at the well !!

1. Involve the word ‘come’ invitational response !!

2. “Come see a man..”  Focus on Jesus !!

3. “Who told me..” ..  John 10:10

4. Tell your story ! “He told me everything I ever did.”

5. “Could this be the Christ?”  She posed the question. John 4.

Session 5 -Lisa Bevere !

God loves us uniquely .. Definition of unique … Without rival !!

Look INTO the word, not just at it !!

Session 6 –  Lisa Bevere


Embracing all that God/the cross has done for me is the best thing I can do for God.

We are anointed with the Holy Spirit with Power !

I am a weapon in my Fathers hand. .. Light in the darkness.

God speaks TO us so He can speak THROUGH us !

33859scr_2ae02f26aabf59bLunch Break on Saturday !!

Panel discussion @ Sisterhood session on Saturday…  I had to leave halfway during this session to seek medication and a sleep to get through the dreaded monthly issues.  :0(  This is what I took down before leaving.

We are all leaders .. We can’t help but communicate what we see & hear.

FB, Instagram, my blog etc.

Loving all !! No matter the circumstances , all are leaders .

The Mary & Elizabeth relationship.. We are all an Elizabeth to someone .. And a Mary to someone.   This was impactful to me… realising that not only do I need Mentors for my own walk, but I need to be a mentor to others coming along behind me.

Build a relationship.. A personal relationship.. More than email & txt.

Session 7 – Beth Moore – last session .   I in no way will be able to articulate how mind blowing this session was… but just know.. IT WAS AWESOME !!  She has a way to open up a scripture like no-one else can.  Passages that you’ve read a million times and think you are familiar with are opened to show yet another tangent or message not previously seen.  

Exodus 15 – In stanza form .. Why ? First time ‘song’ is mentioned in scripture.

Exodus 14:10 .. A ‘what have you done to me?’ moment .

* Nobody appreciates deliverance like those who have nearly been destroyed.

“Who is like you God !!!”

Enemy said “I will defeat, I will fight, I will … , I will…, etc etc”

Exodus 6:6. I AM The Lord !! God’s far more powerful … I will, I will, I will etc etc”.

The enemy was trying to counterfeit these statements with his own “I wills “.  Good luck with that buddy ! God said “I THINK YOU WILL NOT !!” Get your angry on !!! Tell the enemy “You will NOT!!”. Predict the enemy .. Expect his ways.

Miriam the prophetess… She danced, she sang !! (Vs 21).

‘Miriam’ meanings – Bitter, Gods gift, defiant, beloved ! Which of these meanings do we want to be?

All that Miriam had been through & seen prior to her singing by the Red Sea.  She was approx 94 at this time. Amongst these terrible times .. Miriam & all the other women had their tambourines with them. (Go figure . LOL)

* Faith takes her tambourine !! (Awesome possible wall decal for my house right there.)

IMG_5008Shake that Tambourine baby !!!!

See disaster, or a struggle ahead ? Get out your tambourine… For celebration at the victory !! Complete faith in God to bring you through anything !!

Be ready with your tambourine to celebrate even when it looks impossible !!!! LOVE IT !!

I had purchased a tambourine on ebay before this particular night was done.  :0)

I also purchased Colour tickets for 2015, for both myself & my gorgeous daughter, as I’d been thinking right through the conference how much she would LOVE, and benefit from it !!

OK..  that was a lot…. possibly not always making a lot of sense to others.. but it was my notes, and it makes sense to me  LOL.

Highlights of the trip – other than the impartation !!

* The atmosphere – How they achieve such a loving, intimate, individual feeling in the room of 17000 women.  Spirit Filled no doubt !!

* Hearing said 17000 women sing ‘How Great Thou Art’.  OMGoodness !!  Soooo good !!

* Sharing the time with my sisters, both my related one.. and my LH sisters in Christ !!

& Yes, after traveling home first thing Sunday morning, this is how I spent my day….


Blessings Peeps !!!  xox

HS Day 37 !! Apparently I was nasty this morning. (but I totally wasn’t)

Don’t you love tired cranky children who think you’re the worst parent in the whole entire world simply because you wouldn’t let them get away with bad behaviour?

So…  that was the start of my day… oh well, we’ll pray for a better start t’row.  All apologies have been given now though, so we can move on into the day on a more positive note.

I am struggling to get into a good sleep routine as a Homeschooling Mum… which is code for .. I’m going to bed too late EVERY night..  Argghh !!!  The frustrating thing is that most of the time, I could completely skip whatever it is that keeps me up… the tv show or movie.

OR… and I do do this at least 2-3 nights per week…. I could head up to bed and have some time in The Word / having some praise & worship time.  I always love it so much the nights I do it… it always makes me wonder why I don’t do it EVERY night.  I’m sure God wonders the same thing.  LOL.  It must be frustrating for Him to watch me sitting in front of some silly movie when I could be spending time with Him… and I know that is so what He wants of me….  to spend time with Him.

& I so need to be in The Word this week after having been at Colour !!  I’m so charged up and on-fire… However, I’m also dealing with frustration…  I want so many others to be experiencing what I’m experiencing and I have to develop patience to wait for, and understanding that it is The Holy Spirit alone who can do the work in them, not me.

Another thing I’m conscious of.. and was prior to going to Colour also, is that I need to make sure I’m ALWAYS focusing on my walk, not on others.  I can fall into the habit of caring more about what a loved one is getting out of something, than what I’m receiving.  Not in a judging kinda way, but in a ‘I really really really want this person to be getting this, taking it in’  I want the seed to find good fertile soil !!!  One of the biggest things I received from The Lord regarding the most important person in my life was that it’s not my WORDS that will make the impact, it’s my ACTIONS… How I live my life, how I make my decisions, how I react to things.  & not surprisingly, this is proved to be true !! PRAISE GOD !!

Loving this scripture in 2 Tim 6:12-16

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. I charge you in the presence of God, who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus, who in his testimony before Pontius Pilate made the good confession, to keep the commandment unstained and free from reproach until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which he will display at the proper time—he who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no one has ever seen or can see. To him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen.

Back to the schoolroom….  There has been some testing going on today…  It is James’ 9th b’day on Friday, so, in following strict (LOL) homeschooling rules, there will be no schooling on his birthday.  Instead we’ll be heading to his favourite playcenter and having a fun morning with friends.  Thank The Lord, Terry is off on Friday, so he’ll be able to be with us.  But… to counteract that loss of school time, we are doing extra work today & t’row.  I’m loving that I can watch out for silly errors that don’t need to be occurring.  It makes a huge difference to what they are learning when I can go over a simple concept not understood originally.  If not caught (which is what was happening at school due to time constraints), it can lead to an entire block of misunderstanding in a particular subject.

I’m beginning to see improved attitude with learning, as in less competitiveness with each other, and their friends back at school.  To a huge degree, the children are knuckling down to the work required of them for that day.  However, they still like it when they’ve finished their schoolwork by lunchtime and they’re in the pool while everyone is still at school .  LOL.

OK….  signing off for now Peeps.

Blessings !!! xox


HS Day 35 ! The day of catching up after COLOUR !!

Hiya Peeps…

I’m back on board…  albeit very tired…  after 3+ days in Sydney for Hillsong Colour Conference at the Qantas Credit Union Arena (Sydney Entertainment centre).

17000 women, most on fire for God, got to soak up fantastic atmosphere, amazing music & entertainment, God breathed teaching from great speakers, Bobby Houston, Beth Moore, Lisa Bevere & Christine Caine.  We were showered with gifts (& sometimes balloons from the ceiling. LOL), made to feel at home amongst 1000s of others, fed yummy food (seriously, the best banana bread I’ve EVER had.), spend time with beloved sisters… and generally have a MIND BLOWING time !!!! Plus loads more !!

The atmosphere was simply amazing…   How they pull this off…. well, one can only say it’s the Holy Spirit who creates this loving, inclusive & refreshing environment for us to grow in The Lord !!

Even the toilets looked pretty.. LOL.


Priscilla Shirer said in one of her messages at Colour 2012 that the Excitement of being at a conference like Colour should never trump the power and glory of God that you take HOME with you after it…. How you bring it into your marriage, your parenting, your little & big stories.  That really hits the nail on the head doesn’t it.  As exciting as being at one of these gatherings can be… and it IS really exciting….  We have to hold firm to what we have taken in, what we have been reminded of, what we have learnt anew… and take it HOME to our reality !!

I got to share this experience with my sister, Karen !!  We had a lot of fun together, along with our roomie Jude.  (Backpackers are just so glamorous.. NOT. LOL) Things weren’t always smooth running.. but hey, our on-going walk with The Lord rarely is.  The enemy does love to interfere when progress is being made.  It’s refreshing to know though that the more he tries to stir the pot, the more we KNOW God is at work !! The enemy doesn’t waste his time unless there’s something he believes needs hindering.   Whenever he reminds us of our past, we remind him of his FUTURE !!  It’s not looking great buddy !!


There was some great retail therapy had also !!  Not only at the Colour Expo… great shirts, resources, bags, bed linen, journals, sunglasses (FREE.. YAY), but across the road with Paddy’s Market… where, let’s just say we plumped out our suitcases a little.



So….  after all of Colour was done…..  (& yes, there’ll be a separate blog just on the teaching  alone), I came back early Sunday to spend basically the entire day on the daybed by the pool watching my clever husband make a privacy screen in our Alfresco area.  It looks THE BOMB !!!!  I”m sure you agree …



Today’s school day was a little off-kilter due my tiredness, and the kids needing to catch up on a ‘lazy’ school day with Dad on Friday.  We still got through it all though !!

Ok peeps.. that’s about all for now.  Please keep an eye out for the Colour teaching blog, as it was phenomenal !!  I only hope I can articulate it even half as well as it was taken in.

Blessings Peeps !!  xox


Colour Conference !!!

Just a super quick blogette to scream from the rooftops that I’ve registered for Colour Conference 2015.. And I’m taking my gorgeous, amazing, talented, funny, inspiring, God-girl daughter !!!!


Blessed MUCH peeps !!!!

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