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95% Joy

Hi blog readers, I know it's been a while...  I've been busy doing life..  still finding my 'new normal' without Dad.  The 6mth mark of his passing fell on my 41st b'day this month.  I was really worried it would... Continue Reading →

Positioned like a see-saw

I remember sitting under a teaching a few years back about how our posture as a disciple of Jesus Christ should be with one hand stretched upwards to someone in a mentoring capacity.. to someone who is further along in... Continue Reading →

Why worry… God totally has this !!

Who woulda thought, but man oh man, it's complicated making decisions in regards to your children's schooling pathway.  As you al know, I homeschool my 3 treasures, but it's more accurate to say that they do Distance Education.  We are... Continue Reading →

Being in good company

I'm gonna be honest. .  I'm struggling tonight.  I want to be walking the right path.. I NEED to be walking the right path as I have little eyes watching me and little ears listening to me.  (and some big... Continue Reading →

Tween drama queen to Homeschooled young lady – the journey continues.

Now, before I begin, to clarify, I am by no means saying that Homeschooling is the only way to end up with a balanced, mature young lady.  I could sit here and rattle off a HUGE list of women I... Continue Reading →

HS Day 66 – Part 2 – A ‘testing’ day !!

Today was a day of testing !!  Being the last day of the month, we seal off our envelope for the month with attendance record & testing for the month of April. I was keen to get as much testing... Continue Reading →

HS Day 60 – Day 1, Term 2 – Back into it !!!

I saw a post of PB just now that read "For crying out loud !! Give me strength !!" That basically covers my day....  not for any reasons related to the kids, but because of having to spend hours.. and... Continue Reading →

Enjoying some quiet time with my God !!

My quiet times this week have been so helpful to me. I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to go through ebbs & flows when it comes to quality daily quiet time with God . My... Continue Reading →

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