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RT Day 18 – The day to kill time… Arggghhh


This is going to be a quick one peeps as we’re at the airport with a 4hr wait ahead of us and I am soooooo tired it’s not even funny.

Today was all about packing up and killing time.  We got these great cheap flights,  but the catch is that they leave at 0.55am…  however, now that we’ve been through, and still going through, the time killing day. .. we would have happily paid WHATEVER PRICE NEEDED (LOL) to leave at a more respectable time… plus we just worked out it has cost us over $300 to stay up for this ‘cheap’ flight,  so we haven’t saved as much as we thought anyway.

So, after leaving our accommodation at 11am, we headed to Lee Point to see what it was like.  While being very beautiful,  it was so hot that it simply wasn’t  enjoyable being there. . which was basically the case all day.

20150329_123912 20150329_124100

Totally cool tree though !! It was like 40 degrees under this tree.

20150329_124551 20150329_132113

We then headed to the main shopping centre, Casuarina (we went there 3 times today.  Lol) to buy a cheap backpack in case we got to the airport and our bags were over the weight limit.

After that first visit,  we went to Cullen Bay, which was quite nice, but far too hot to enjoy.

We decided we couldn’t kill time outside today, so headed back to the shops for our first movie of the day, Home. Quite a good movie. . Funny.

Coming out at 4.30pm, our next movie wasn’t until 6.30, so we went looking for dinner.

Dinner done, we were back at the movie.. this time for Cindarella for Me & the kids, & Chappie for DH.

Cindarella was actually quite good, but seriously, how many times can they make this movie?? It was actually quite cool that 2 characters from Downton Abbey are in it.

DH said Chappie was”Ok, but way too much swearing.” (If he said that,  there seriously must have been a lot)

Anyway, so here we are now… super comfortable (ha ha) on the floor at the airport, as they don’t offer ANY chairs this side of security.

After some sleep,  I’ll give you guys a half decent blog reviewing the entire trip.

Blessings xox


RT Day 17 – Litchfield National Park

This one

P. S. My fav pic from today at Florence falls !!

RT Day 17 01

Praise The Lord, Saturday dawned bright & sunny (of course it would. .. we bought 3 Bunnings umbrellas yest. Lol)

We were up & away by 8am which turned out to be a good thing seeing as we didn’t roll back in until after 7pm.

My knee is, to say the least, causing me no end of grief, so along with our stop at Woolies for snacks,  I went into the pharmacy to get some advice. I think the girl was a little freaked by the severity of the situation. Surprisingly , she discouraged the purchase/use of a supportive band as the pressure on the built up fluid could cause further problems. I wasn’t too upset, as the knee band was $52.. what the !!! She sold me some Voltaren cream to use instead of my Deep Heat. (My tube is probs 10yrs old,  so who knows what the effectiveness is like. Whoops).

RT Day 17 02RT Day 17 03

Our first stop was Berry Springs, but due to the rain recently,  the ‘springs’ part was closed. They call it a ‘controlled Crocodile area’ normally they have a good grasp on where the crocs are etc (there are fences to keep the crocs from popular swimming spots) but when there has been a lot of rain, they can’t be sure of croc movements, so they close the swimming areas.

RT Day 17 06RT Day 17 07

Our next stop was the Magnetic & Cathederal termite mounds. Yes, it does seem strange that gigantic termite homes are a tourist attraction, but they actually are quite interesting.  The one Miss 13 is standing beside must be the granny flat as it’s just an off-shoot off the back.

RT Day 17 08

Our family + a gazillion ants. Lol

RT Day 17 09

Our next stop, Buley Rockhole, was GORGEOUS. I choose to sit on the bank for this one as the rocks were just far too uneven for me to attempt.  It was seriously like the perfect natural pool… complete with waterfall, perfectly placed rocks & diving platform.

DH & the kiddos went exploring further down the pools, .and apparently there was a slightly dangerous situation where Miss 13 & Master 12 nearly got washed over a waterfall… so it’s probably better that I didn’t witness that one.  They both have some minor injuries to show for it.

RT Day 17 10RT Day 17 13RT Day 17 14

So, who thinks the kids LOVED this rockhole ??

RT Day 17 15RT Day 17 11

My photos are appearing a little out of order here, but our next stop was Florence falls. I was determined to not miss out on this one, but I’m certainly paying for that decision now.  It’s 125 steps down to the falls. It wasn’t too bad for my knee getting in once we were down there, but getting out, and the 125 steps back up was TORTURE !!

After leaving Florence falls, we made our way to Wangi falls. This one was also closed due to croc activity,  but was well worth the look. There was also a cafe there + some nice big low benches, so Miss 13 very nicely (actually I’m pretty sure she was over exploring by this point. Lol) stayed with me while DH & the boys went exploring. They were gone just long enough for me to have a powernap. Woot woot !!

RT Day 17 12RT Day 17 16

Litchfield National Park is kind of a circle. We had come in at the far end and intended to make our way around and then come out at the end closest to Darwin, however, that end is unsealed (don’t tell Mr Budget that we took our hire car on an unsealed road) and due to the recent rain there were many potholes & water across the road etc.  We were doing fine until we hit THIS… if you can’t zoom in & see the height, it’s about 1.2m over the bridge. Soooooo, we had to turn around and take the VERY LONG way home. .. hence arriving back after 7pm.

RT Day 17 17

So, that basically sums up today.

Blessings Peeps xox

RY Day 16 – Crocs, slides, bbq & sunsets !!

RT Day 16 24

So… this gorgeous pic of Jordan is how we finished our Saturday, but more of that later.

RT Day 16 01

Our initial plans for today were foiled by the wet weather… so.. Plan B. Crocodylus Park. While initially we thought it was a tad expensive ($125 for the 5 of us), by the end, we were really happy to have gone.

RT Day 16 03RT Day 16 04

This place is not only a zoo, but a crocodile farm, which at first I thought was gross. In the carpark, there’s a sign that says ‘Hold a crocodile’ and a sign beside it that says ‘Crocodile meat available for your next bbq’.  However, after the 45min tour that actually explained the entire farming process, I felt much better about it. RT Day 16 05

How many crocs do you think are in this pond??? 525 !! Wowzers.. talk about cramped.  Lol.

RT Day 16 06

While this pic is kinda blurry, does anybody else agree that this emu is doing an impersonation of the kangaroo?? LOL !!

RT Day 16 07

Now, this Meerkat was downright hilarious.  There were apparently several in the pen, but we only saw this one as there was an eagle flying about, so she was constantly communicating with the rest of them to stay hidden.  It was so funny because she took her guard job so seriously. Her stance and expression were so entertaining. We stood watching her on security detail for a good 10mins.

RT Day 16 08

This is the monkey enclosure… bahahahahaha. They are a modern breed that wear clothes,  hats & boots. 😁😂😃😄

RT Day 16 09

In this pic, Master 12  & DH are walking along the boardwalk that crosses over the 10 croc areas. They mostly have breeding pairs in them.

RT Day 16 10

Miss 13 was hanging out to hold a snake & a crocodile (not at the same time though. Lol) This snake was very friendly, & let’s just say that Master 12 has now upped his persuasive techniques for getting a snake as a pet.  Maybe it’s a good idea. . It could stop him picking up random snakes outside ? Lol.

RT Day 16 11

Bubbles the snake !!

RT Day 16 13

This cutsie crocodile is a year old and was quite cool to touch.  It’s belly felt like pancakes..😊 I think it’s cool that their sex is determined by the temperature the eggs are kept in,  so they can actually plan for what they need etc. .

This next pic is DH making friends with another of his height blessed kind. I must say,  they did seem to have a bond going on. Mr Ostrich kept following DH along the fence.




These white lions were totally cool..




Our next stop was Leanyer Recreation Park. It is a free water park & playground run by the YMCA. 




Let’s just say the kids LOVED it !! Personally I liked the cafe, as they made the BEST iced coffee I’ve ever had..




& Yes, Dad was roped in to going down the slides.  However, it didn’t look like he minded. 

RT Day 16 20 RT Day 16 21

The park had one of those buckets that fill up and then dump out, but quite often they don’t hold a lot of water… the one here was not one of those… it takes 3mins to fill and then dumps out a copious amount of water. Miss 13 did comment that it actually hurts to have it land on you.

RT Day 16 23After finally dragging the kids (& DH) away from the waterpark, we headed home for an early dinner before our plans to watch the sunset over the beach.

Tonight’s dinner plan was bbq out in our courtyard. Not a bad setting at all. Chef DH did a fab job.

After we’d eaten & cleaned up, we jumped in the car and made our way to Mindil Beach. I took the ipad and did a time lapse  video of the sunset, however it wasn’t as good as it could have been due to the cloud cover.

Miss 13 enjoyed doing artwork in the sand, while Masters 10 & 12 made a raft-like structure out of materials they found on the beach.

Seeing I had to sit up on the dunes the whole time we were there, both because of my knee, and also to do the video, I was able to hear things going on behind me in the carpark on the other side of the dunes.  It seemed as if there was some drunken behaviour going on back there, but I just assumed it was some young people so I wasn’t that concerned.

But unfortunately when we headed to the car, we were to have our most scary experience with Aboriginals yet. A seemingly drunk (but uninjured) aboriginal guy was in the carpark. He was not far from our car and he was pointedly following us to our car. He asked Terry to call him an ambulance, & when Terry ignored him and indicated for Miss 13 to get in the car on his side, & I hurried the boys into my side of the car, our ‘friend’ gestured to the group of 5 or 6 other Aboriginals that I hadn’t even noticed were here, to come over. By this stage we were like, how do you lock the doors in this car?? Clever Miss 13 had hers locked straight away as he was closest to her door.  I chose to not to look where the others were as I was trying to not freak out.

Such a sad way to end our nice evening. 😐

Thankfully,  there is a movie on right now that is making us all laugh (Ace Ventura), so all is good now.

Until t’row peeps, where hopefully weather won’t spoil our plans, as it will be our last opportunity to do this.

Blessings xox

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