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Positioned like a see-saw

I remember sitting under a teaching a few years back about how our posture as a disciple of Jesus Christ should be with one hand stretched upwards to someone in a mentoring capacity.. to someone who is further along in their walk with The Lord than us. Meanwhile, the other arm reaches down, ‘pulling up’, encouraging & discipling someone coming along behind us.  Someone that is a little further back in their walk with The Lord than where we are.

The person you’re reaching up to has a little more life experience than you, so is able to teach and help you through similar situations.  In turn, you can teach & help the one you are encouraging, because of the trials, struggles and victories you have walked through.

I also remember receiving an image about this, back when sitting under that teaching, of one long road with people littered all along it, all at different stages.  I probably should have drawn in it seeing as I wasn’t able to find something that I felt represented it, but this gives you an idea.


When I had this come to mind last night, the Holy Spirit gave me an image of a seesaw, but it wasn’t like one end was completely up and the other completely down…. it’s not normally positioned in that way, and I don’t believe it would be nearly as effective either.  I think the image of a set of scales where one end has a slightly heavier weight onboard than the other shows a more accurate picture of the common situation, but as the ‘weight’ part of the image makes no sense, I think the seesaw is better.


This one is more like it.

The person reaching down needs to have the HUMILITY required to fulfil this role in another’s life, while also having the WISDOM to take on this responsibility.

Something that simple cannot be in the equation is pridefulness !!!

Just because I like definitions, let’s look at some now…

First, a ‘secular’ definition of Humility –the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.  While in essence, this is true, I don’t like it one bit as it doesn’t sit well with me when you consider that we are a temple of The Holy Spirit.  We have the power of Christ within us, so when I consider our ROLE in God’s Kingdom, we certainly do not have a low level of importance.  I guess what it comes down to though is the importance of that role, as opposed to the importance of us as a person.  That’s where the pridefulness can come into it.  If we are prideful about our own importance & think that that importance is  seperate to God, that’s when we will run into trouble.

A biblical definition of Humility  –God says when you are humble, you are free from pride and arrogance. You know that in your flesh you are inadequate, yet you also know who you are in Christ.  I LOVE this !!!  So so true !! Free from pride & arrogance !!

Now for Wisdom… the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.

Not bad…. let’s look at it from a biblical point of view though.

Wisdom begins and ends with the fear of the Lord. It isn’t a fear of being struck by lightning or fear of being struck dead but it’s a deep, abiding, holy reverence and respect for the Lord and for His Word, the Bible. The Book of Proverbs has more to say about wisdom than any other book in the Bible. For example in Proverbs 9:10 Solomon, who was the wisest man on earth, at least until Christ came, said that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” Where there is fear, there tends to be obedience and God has said He prefers obedience over sacrifice (1 Sam 15:22; Hosea 6:6). Sometimes obedience comes before understanding and when someone obeys what they know to be true, understanding usually follows. Wisdom begins with reverence for God and a fear for Him and His Word. That’s where wisdom begins. Where there is no fear of the Lord, there can never be any true wisdom. It’s just not possible.

Now, both these two traits can be tricky, and not always easy to uphold, especially in weakness during struggle.  It takes real DISCIPLINE to be HUMBLE & use WISDOM  to take the right path when in a struggle or under attack.


Two other words that I really think needs to come into the scenario is COMMITMENT & RESPONSIBILITY !!  We need to be there for our ‘person’ at all times, even at times of our own struggles.  The only way we can do that is by walking closely with The Lord, digging into The Word & being accountable.

As a mentor, your role is to teach and inspire by words and example, so you can come alongside someone in their personal development and learning development using your life, Christian experiences, and education as tools.. You are a role model to someone. This is a precious responsibility that is to be taken seriously, but also enjoyed. You need to be one who is growing in the Lord, and who takes His Word and precepts to heart and to life. Because someone is placing his or her trust as a counselor and teacher in you, you need to be real and growing to do this right. Therefore, you are the one the Lord will use to provide opportunities for spiritual learning, development, and growth.

Matthew 12:36 & 37 tell us … I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak,  for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”  Words hold power peeps.. in so many ways, so be careful with your words !!!

If The Lord entrusts you with a ‘mentee’  (that’s probs not actually a word, but you know what I mean) then see it as the privilege that it is, and ENJOY it, but never ignore the commitment and the responsibility that goes along with it.

Oh.. and one last thing…. DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS RESPONSIBILITY !!  Treat it as the GIFT that it is.  You will grow through every moment as a mentor too… it’s not a one-way deal.  Another thing that has been evident in my walk and I believe I can pass onto others and it be of help, is this…  When God leads you in a different direction… be it towards a different person, or away from a person…. LISTEN TO HIM & ACT ON IT !!

Maybe you will be in a mentor type relationship with someone for a very long time, but often you will not.  People with this need or gifting come in & out of our lives at GOD’S will, not ours !!!  We may be of help, or receive help from someone for a season and that be all God intended for each of our journeys.  When that happens…  seek confirmation from Him.. and then accept & move on, being ever watchful for new doors being opened.

Isn’t it FUN being a child of God !!!!!  Seriously, I LOVE IT !!!!  So much to learn, grow in and become !!!!

Blessings peeps !!!  xox



Being in good company

I’m gonna be honest. .  I’m struggling tonight. 
I want to be walking the right path.. I NEED to be walking the right path as I have little eyes watching me and little ears listening to me.  (and some big eyes & ears too)
However these very encouraging facts don’t make the path any easier.  The bumps are still there,  the ‘stones’ are still thrown, the misconceptions of me by others are still there. 
I solidly believe that I not only witness to my children through things that I say,  but possibly even more so by things that I DON’T.  When I’m abused by a family member and I don’t respond in like tone or with harsh words.  When I’m treated like a ‘goodie-two-shoes’ but choose to stay silent and not ‘defend myself’.
When I’m outright verbally attacked,  but refuse to take the bait and retaliate. .. they see that.   & you know what else they see… the frustration on the person’s face when I won’t lower myself to their level. 
Isn’t it interesting (& frustrating) that we can KNOW that God’s opinion is the only one that matters and yet the darts fired by others still hurt.  I often wish that I was impervious to these comments etc but I also know that I am taught a lesson through everything single dig at me,  every single comment made. .. and every single not-so-subtle insult on Facebook. 
I actually started this blog last night but the fact that I stopped part way through turned out to be a blessing in itself as I actually needed to be reminded of my own words when dealing with someone today.  
Praise The Lord it was actually a really great day today spent at the beach with Miss 14 & niece 17 (well great day except for the sunburnt back of the legs. .. what on earth).  Lots of time to think and talk to Jesus while the girls were out paddle boarding.  Something about being at the beach (I think it’s actually in any natural setting) that gets me closer to God.


I am constantly blown away of late with the relevance of each mornings devotion and how it has been speaking directly into current situations & struggles. If you don’t do a morning devotion,  I’d really encourage you to as it is just the BEST way to start the day. 
So, getting back to my title. .. with all that I’ve been dealing with in days of late… I am comforted knowing that Jesus was hated,  he was ridiculed,  he was treated as a fool… so when I feel treated like this. . I know I’m in good company. 
Blessings peeps xox

The Negative Ned Caboose !!


So, once again, (well, the for the third time in however many years I’ve been on FB), I’ve decided to jump off the FaceBook train.  A few reasons for this..

1.  (the obvious one !).. it’s a TIMEWASTER !!

2. I like the idea of being forced to actually make a phone call in order to find out what is going on with those I care about…  whether I’ll actually pick that phone up is another thing.. but here’s hoping.   Even a letter could be fab….  Mmmmm.. will have to get motivated.

3.  I’m a little battle weary as a result of being hit with many many many nasty and negative comments after giving my opinion, when asked for it, on the subject of Halal Certification on a TV show FB page. This is a topic that I feel very strongly about, and even though I know these people are mostly uneducated morons who have nothing better to do than attack strangers from behind their keyboard, it still leaves a dent and a bruise at times.  @shieldsuppeeps .

So, I have made the 24hr mark now of not being on/checking FB.  What has it highlighted to me?  Well, for one, the amount of times per day I go to look at it.  I’ve decided I’m going to treat it like a fast.  Every time I think of it, I’ll use that opportunity to speak to my Heavenly Father.  I noticed myself doing that yesturday anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised when I would go to pick up my phone etc to check FB, pull myself up for it, but then realise it didn’t bother me in the slightest to not look.  I would send a quiet thank you heavenward for the heart change He had obviously done in me in order for it not to bother me.

It seems like such a ridiculous subject to be talking about, let alone blogging about, but the reality for so many people is that FB is one of the biggest factors of their day.  So many are intrigued as to what is going on with others, good & bad.  Don’t get me wrong, FB can be a fantastic tool to bring people together, highlight prayer needs of others, getting a message out to the masses etc etc.  I’ll almost certainly go back to it at some point.  But like so many other things today, it’s also hijacked by those with bad intentions.  The recent Duggar family story really highlighted that for me.. to just see how many were happy to jump on social media and say the most awful things about a complete stranger, when in most cases, their comments alone showed that they had not read anything on the subject, they were just going along with the Negative Ned Caboose (Yes, I just called it a Negative Ned Caboose… so there.  LOL).

I’m struggling in this area at the moment.. just to find a way of happily living & functioning in a world where so many are happy to attack others, and in most cases, it’s just for the sake of it.  I have complete faith in my Heavenly Father’s hand being over all things.. and I also know that even logic alone will tell you that things are getting intense in these end times.  Reality is still in play though.. I still need to get up each day, devote time to my husband, homeschool my children, pay bills, do the groceries, get together with friends, be apart of a church family, take my kids to the many different sports & activities they do each week… and all the other things that make up LIFE.  It gets tough when you have to do all these things with a smile on your face, knowing that at times you’re going to encounter others who don’t have the same Godly mindset as you.

There’s that balance that we all need to find…. surrounding ourselves with Godly friends who will encourage us, keep us accountable, and just generally ‘do life with’, but we also need to always be mindful of our biggest job here… to save the lost for The LORD.  We can’t do that if we hole ourselves up with only our like-minded friends.

I was just saying to my DH last night that it’s really easy to look back BA (what I fondly call my ‘Before Awakening’ which is about 3.5yrs ago now) and think it was so much easier/simpler back then.. no concept of the Spiritual Realm, the power of words, the enemy’s cunning ways, before the days of actually SEEING into the spiritual realm & finding that there is so so so much more going on here than our little lives and those around us.  But there is just far too much ENCOURAGEMENT to be taken from these things to even consider life being ‘better’ before I was made aware of them.

I must say I shudder to think what I would have said before God had I been taken Home BA when he asked me “What did you do with the gifts I gave you?”  I probably would have been like “What gifts? Did you send me something?  Maybe I missed the card.”  haha.  With this in mind, and although it requires a heck of a lot of commitment and dedication, I cannot be more thankful for my awakening.  I now know that I wasn’t just lucky or blessed to be given the parents I have, the siblings I have, the Husband & children I have.. and even the friends I have.  I was placed exactly where I am, with the people that surround me, and even in this particular time, because it’s how God planned it.

The kids one is a big one for me. BA, I was just like “Lucky me…  3 healthy children, no fertility issues, pretty cruisy pregnancies & births… aren’t I just blessed.”  Which of course, is true… I WAS blessed with all those things, but I never put too much thought into what I was raising these children to be.. future husbands, wives, employees & maybe bosses, friends, & so much more.  I certainly don’t want my children to be 35 before they have their awakening with The Lord.  I need to be speaking to their heart condition NOW and right through their childhood.  I need to be teaching them of their responsibility in HIStory too. They’ve been giving gifts too, they too have a part to play.  The enemy has done a very good job convincing us all that we deserve EVERYTHING we want or desire.  We have a RIGHT to everything.  Well, actually NO, we don’t have a right to anything.  We are PRIVILEGED to have what we have.

I will continue to teach my children Humility !!  Believe me, it’s probably one of the hardest things to be constantly instilling, as everything that surrounds them tell them the complete opposite…  The world says “Put yourself first, above all things.”  Humility tells us to put others before ourselves in all situations.

So, in conclusion of my very muddled, probably not articulated well blog today is that I need to keep CLOSE to The LORD at all times, draw near to HIM in EVERY situation, because EVERY situation .. my parenting, my relationship with my Husband, my relationship with friends, etc etc, need to be done under HIS guidance, because basically, if I do it guided by ANYTHING else, it will only lead to heartache, whether it be short-lived or long !!

Trust-in-the-Lord-with-All-My-Heart-  DECLARE IT PEEPS !!!!!

Blessings !!! xox

Tween drama queen to Homeschooled young lady – the journey continues.

Now, before I begin, to clarify, I am by no means saying that Homeschooling is the only way to end up with a balanced, mature young lady.  I could sit here and rattle off a HUGE list of women I know who came out of school in EXACTLY the position I would like to see Jaz finish her schooling in.  Both from state schools and from Christian schools…..  actually when I think of it… probably more were from state schools.  :0)

So….  my blog entry scheduled for today is to share with you all the journey I am on alongside my 13yr old daughter.  Yes, she was certainly heading towards being a full-blown tween drama queen when she was still at school last year & the year prior.  Going back to year 6 though, my daughter was actually living a bit of a double life.  At school, she was a somewhat nasty, foul mouthed little so & so. (much to my great sadness finding out later.). At home, she was predominantly a sweet, lovely natured girl.  When she hit the end of yr 6 with few friends due to her school behaviour, she finally broke down to me one day and confessed her sin issues.  I had certainly been in contact communication with Miss 13 through these times… with nightly devotions, family prayer time etc etc.  Issues were discussed.. our heart condition towards others etc etc.  She KNEW she was doing the wrong thing, but focussed too much on what others thought of her, instead of knowing who she was IN CHRIST !!

After the ‘opening up’ discussion in the end of grade 6, I spent a lot of time through those school holidays between year 6 & 7 speaking into her life in regards to where her identity lies.  She had a good grasp on this (for a 12yr old) by the time January school start time rolled around.  We had come up with several plans to put in place going into year 7 in order to rectify the situation she had created for herself the previous year.  I seriously could not have been prouder of her for going ahead and taking my advice when heading into Year 7.  She went off to the first day of grade 7 with a blank slate… no friendship expectations, no plans to return to ‘old groups’ etc.  My main suggestions to her were – 1. Don’t seek out just ONE best friend…  seek out a group of girlfriends.  2. Treat these girls as you would like them to treat you. & 3.  Repair damage from the previous year… even if it took the entire year.

Within a few weeks of year 7, she had found herself in a rather large group of girls ( 8-10 girls).  This was exactly what I wanted for her… no big pressures to be close BEST friends with anyone in particular.  She also had some repairing to do with those she had hurt the previous year.  The entire year 7 school year consisted of Jaz seeking opportunities to individually apologise to those who needed apologising to.  I am so pleased to say she didn’t have a single negative response.  Don’t get me wrong, not everyone decided to remain close friends with her, but that’s ok.  Lots of the girls had grown in different areas anyway and therefore sought different personalities in friendships etc.

Even though Jaz managed to apologise to all throughout year 7, she still struggled to get past the issue of caring too much what people thought of her.  If I had a dollar for the amount of times she said to me “Mum, you don’t understand, things are different at school to when you were there.”  Sorry chicken, but no…. it’s still the same… even out of school.  I was actually going through some friendship issues myself in this year, so I could identify with Jaz in several areas.  It’s HARD when friends grow apart, in ways you never thought would happen.  It’s even harder when you decide to follow God’s will when it is so opposite to what you would really prefer to do.  Friendships are like any relationship.. they require work, and Godly direction, at all times.

Another thing that greatly helped Jaz last year was a very small youth group/Bible study that she attended every 2nd Friday night.  She was able to open up in these settings and discuss things we were delving into in our devotions etc.  We’d been covering things like modesty in her clothing choices (coz you know, the height of fashion for a grade 7er was denim undies.. cringe.), boyfriend/girlfriend relationships cropping up at school, conversation topics, entertainment choices (movies & songs etc.) & lots more.   Jaz was making some great choices, but found it hard coming up against her group of friends at school who didn’t agree.

So, coming to the end of Year 7 at the end of last year, Jaz had a few good friends, but none who were walking the same path as her.  None put The Lord in their decision making process, and Jaz was trying so hard to do that.

When, in September, we seriously began considering Homeschooling our children for the following year, we began to spend more time with a family we’ve known for years.  We actually met them at school before they decided to begin their homeschooling journey.  Jaz & their daughter had been friends and continued (sometimes sporadically) to keep in contact even after they left the school.  So, not surprisingly, they were our first port of call when heading into our decision making.

Jaz found that here was the like-minded God focused friend she had been so desperately looking for.  Someone who’s parents shared the same parenting style and intentions, someone she could discuss her relationship with God with…. but someone who was FUN and great to be around as well !!!

Jaz has gone onto to make 4 other fantastic friends this year, who I believe she will have as friends for a very long time to come.  Gone are the days of having to explain why she won’t wear that, or watch that movie, or why she doesn’t know the lyrics to that particular song.

An interesting and encouraging note is that two friends she has had since birth basically are still here, and while they still are in that environment back at school, they enjoy spending time with Jaz & her new friends.  Others may not choose to make the same choices as Jaz is trying to, but they are witnessing these girls choice, which can only be fantastic.   It’s also a bit of a bonus that they are finding out that, hey… not all homeschool kids are freaks.  Bahahahahaha.

All of this comes back and ties in with how Jaz goes in her schoolwork also.  While she was at school, she was often effected emotionally by things that went on in friendship groups… differences in options etc.  This effected her schoolwork. :0( Of course, as a normal 12-13 yr old, she had struggles with wanting to be like everyone else.. wear what they wore, watch what they watch, know the lyrics to those songs that everyone was singing.  While knowing they were inappropriate choices, she also wanted to ‘blend in’ and be apart of the group.  Her wonderful attempts at making good Godly decisions and her emotions as a tween were butting heads.  For this reason, taking Jaz out of that environment has resulted in amazing spiritual growth & maturity.

Jaz also has benefited beyond measure from working independently.  I really believe it is her niche !!  She now thrives in ALL subject, as do all of my children.  They still have a little catching up to do in a couple of subjects, but across the board, they are doing fantastically.  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…  Deciding to Homeschool our children this year has been the best decision we ever made.  I specify ‘this year’ because I have found that when people have asked me how things are going with HS, I’m always tempted to say “I wish I’d done it years ago.”, but in all honestly, God had not equipped me prior to late last year.  It just reinforces that God’s timing is SPOT ON… EVERY time !!

Some people would say that I am hiding my children away from the ‘real’ world, but I’m sorry. (actually I’m not.. LOL)  We, as a family, are choosing to live to a higher standard.  We are refusing to buy into this “It’s just the way it is these days.”

One of the issues I’m most pleased that Jaz has also found her ‘niche’ is relationships with boys.  From very early on, I encouraged Jaz to guard her heart and think very carefully in relation to boys.  In the school environment, there was so much pairing up.. and Jaz really struggled with it.  We have always encouraged our kids to befriend both girls & boys.  God already has our mate chosen, so really, why stress about it.  Enjoy the friendship of those around us and God will lead us to the one who He has chosen for us.  That was hard at school, as seeking a friendship with a boy automatically meant you had a ‘crush’ on him.. and wanted to be his girlfriend.  This is an area Jaz is really enjoying being in the HS community.  So many of the parent have these same beliefs so they all get on so well, with none of these pressures.  It’s really great to see.  Don’t get me wrong… I don’t think it automatically means we’ll have no issues in this area in the future… but I’m certainly hoping it’s minimised.

We are called to be bright shining lights in this increasingly dark world, and that is what I’m trying to instil in my children.  Yes, I’m up against a lot … but all I can do is press into The Lord in every part of life.. and make HOLY SPIRIT lead decisions.  Believe me, I KNOW I’ve chosen a tough road at times, but the destination is worth every stressful moment, every tear, every struggle, every setback.

For every stressful time, there is joy beyond measure.

For every tear there is buckets of laugher (coz man, God sure has a sense of humour at times.)

Every struggle is made bearable with numerous WINS


Every setback comes cushioned on either side with GROWTH !!!!!!  Praise GOD for that !!

Here’s to the years ahead…  walking through this amazing journey with my beautiful daughter who loves The Lord, and while not always pulling it off, attempts to make great decisions !! (Let’s face it, do any of us ever pull it off without incident?  I know I don’t.)

I am so proud of her !!!

Now, to continue to tackle these boys…  LOL.  LORD, give me strength.  Lucky for me.. HE DOES !!!

Psalm 127:3-5 (ESV)
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.
Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!
He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Psalm 144:12 (ESV)
May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown,
our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace;

Blessings peeps !!!  




Gotta love a good church meeting with the fam of a Saturday arv !!

Ok, so this blog is going to be either long, disjointed, fragmented, poetic, short… or all of the above.  

So… this arv at 1pm, all of the LifeHouse Family met.  When leaving 3hrs later, there was so much going on in my head and heart, that it was hard to keep it all in.

First of all…..  I need to get comfortable rockin’ the boat !!  Now, this is an area which will challenge me for sure, as some of my closest family members dislike my boat rocking….  which can very often knock my confidence when it comes to discipling.  I said as much at the meeting today,…  but an illustrating given towards the end made me realise that I’m almost insulting God by saying I lack confidence… as it’s not me that does the work, it’s HIM within me…  So, If i doubt the ability to succeed, I’m doubting HIM.  Big revelation for me !!

Second big take-home !!  Stop having the mentality “I need to get ready…  Lord, please equip me.” and start declaring “I am ready, I am equipped.”  Now, of course, our lives are a constant traineeship in The Lord. He is always going to be teaching us and equipping us for further work etc etc.

Matthew 6:33

English Standard Version (ESV)

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

I also have to admit and repent of the fact that I did not bring anyone into the Kingdom in 2013 (to my knowledge).  I certainly believe that seeds were sewn in 2013, but I haven’t seen any real results as yet.  I need to step up in this area BIGTIME !!  Another big stand-out today…. Praying for Holy Spirit conviction in my targets.  That is one area I have been lax in…  I’ve asked for all sorts of things for them, but not that in particular.

Choosing to be un-offendable was also mentioned !!  That is HUGE !!  When you really think about it, if we could live un-offendable, how different would our lives be !!  When someone says or does something to you.. instead of taking offence, turn it back on yourself. Why am I reacting like this?  What can I learn from this?  What heart condition of mine needs addressing ?

Big things are going to happen in the next 12months or so.  Ground will be broken, doors will be opened, Lives will be saved.  What’s going to come with that?  The enemy is going to try and cause division amongst us. He is going to attack us where we’re vulnerable.  Because of this, we need to be on guard… hold our shields high and ‘put on our rhino skin’.  Watching out for ‘little foxes’ is also so important.  The enemy can be very subtle…  come at us in ‘little’ areas of our lives.   I think the best defence for this is being in The Word each day.  As a wise woman said today…  for us to ooze Jesus, we need to have Him within us !!  I want to be filled to the max and beyond.

Stewardship & tithing ….  a big issue, and one I’ve been convicted of for some time now and am guilty of not addressing sooner.   But today it was pointed out me that it’s not just about money…  I knew this stuff, but had never really let it sink in I guess.  The definition of stewardship is ‘the conducting, supervision of managing of something, especially :the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.’  Now, I had applied this to my children since I was blessed with them.  I have always been very aware that my 3 beautiful children are not mine… they are The Lord’s, entrusted to me to care for , raise, train, and MAKE DISCIPLES of.  I’ve always been on the right page with that one, while not always (& probably never will) doing a perfect job where they are concerned, but applying this principle to ALL areas of my life is something I have not done.  Everything I have, have ever had, and will have in the future is The Lord’s, and not mine. We love to claim things as our own don’t we….  often ignoring who blessed us with these things.

I have begun of late to say to my children of a morning “This is the day that The Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it”… and Yes, the song has been sung of late too.  LOL.  It’s this sort of mentality that I need to be teaching them…. to see ALL things as being from The Lord.

When it comes to finances though… it’s easy to have the mentality that we will reluctantly give the required 10% to The Lord, but that is so far off base.  The entire 100% is His to begin with, and we are asked to give just 10% back to Him.  It’s easy to have a bad attitude about it, but as my dear ole’ Dad has ALWAYS told me…. Give God 10% and just watch what’s he’ll do in your life with the 90%.   The Biblical blueprint is to live within the 90%, but the world’s view is live BEYOND your 100%.  :0(  Unfortunatley, it is very easy to fall in to.

Stewardship also covers our bodies.  How are we caring for your bodies?  Are we respecting the temple?  When I got motivated to live a healthier life in 2012, I would constantly remind myself that I am housing the Holy Spirit…  so I NEED to respect the house !!  That statement alone helped me on many a run, walk, plank…. and standing at the Maccas counter wanting a Sundae.  I have dropped the ball on this one, so TODAY I am re-commuting to this !!  I’m choosing to respect the temple !!

Now… for the BIGGEST revelation today…  & it kinda flows on, or is to do with my previous post entitled ‘End of a broken friendship’, which was really more about family than friendship.  I hope I can articulate this properly, as I didn’t manage too great this arv with my Husband, but I’ll blame that on his lack of understanding, as opposed to my lack of skill in explaining it.  LOL.

So, there has been a real change in my (extended) family dynamic in the last year and a bit.  There is real division that has never been there before, there is broken relationships, there is pain and frustration.  I have asked The Lord many times in this time “Why is this happening? I don’t understand it.  why am I being attacked in this area?.”  Today…  it clicked home.  It’s not an attack… It’s my Heavenly Father pointing me away from earthly things and towards HIM as my ultimate guide, friend, teacher & Father !!

Does this mean God is telling me I don’t need my earthly family?  No way !!  He placed me in this family for a reason, but I have been suffering big time trying to be on the path God wants me on, while members of my family work against me. (some quite unconsciously though).   This journey that I’m on has made me so thankful for my ‘family in The Lord’.  The path can sometimes be rough as cut glass, and sometimes as thrilling as ice-skating like a pro… but it’s nearly impossible to endure the good or bad without like minded people behind you, supporting you, listening to you, knocking you back on track when needed and basically BEING THERE !!

Blessings to you all xox

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