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Positioned like a see-saw

I remember sitting under a teaching a few years back about how our posture as a disciple of Jesus Christ should be with one hand stretched upwards to someone in a mentoring capacity.. to someone who is further along in... Continue Reading →

Being in good company

I'm gonna be honest. .  I'm struggling tonight.  I want to be walking the right path.. I NEED to be walking the right path as I have little eyes watching me and little ears listening to me.  (and some big... Continue Reading →

The Negative Ned Caboose !!

So, once again, (well, the for the third time in however many years I've been on FB), I've decided to jump off the FaceBook train.  A few reasons for this.. 1.  (the obvious one !).. it's a TIMEWASTER !! 2.... Continue Reading →

Tween drama queen to Homeschooled young lady – the journey continues.

Now, before I begin, to clarify, I am by no means saying that Homeschooling is the only way to end up with a balanced, mature young lady.  I could sit here and rattle off a HUGE list of women I... Continue Reading →

Gotta love a good church meeting with the fam of a Saturday arv !!

Ok, so this blog is going to be either long, disjointed, fragmented, poetic, short... or all of the above.   So... this arv at 1pm, all of the LifeHouse Family met.  When leaving 3hrs later, there was so much going on in... Continue Reading →

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