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Having an educated opinion goes a long long way.

So, as my 17 (nearly 18) year old niece is a vegetarian recently changed to Vegan, I decided to do some serious research into the subject after she expressed disappointment and frustration at the response she gets from people on... Continue Reading →

Eat clean.. train dirty… trust God

Eat clean... train dirty... Trust God !! So... after an up & down kinda day. . I've decided this is going to be this season's hashtag. I have had 2 opportunities in recent days to be pretty naughty with my... Continue Reading →

HS Day 127 – Trying to be more active in our school day

Sooooo.... (& yes, I do realise that the image is incorrect.... I have two sons and a daughter, not the other way around. LOL)...  I am determined to bring more physical activity into our school day, simply because all of... Continue Reading →

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