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Jesus… our constant encourager

Evening all… Well, it’s Sunday night and I’m only a good sleep away from a new week of work, study.. and all the other things that go with the ‘Mum life’.  

As you can see by the below photo, I was able to pull myself out from under the lazy sunday haze, and head out to the shed for a solid workout tonight.   ūü§ó

As always, I feel super encouraged after having done my session.   I’ve given my body the respect it is due, while also continuing to thank my Lord for His ultimate sacrifice.   Whenever I want to quit, I remind myself that Jesus had nails put thru his wrists & ankles, hung on that cross, suffered a torturous death…. all so that I would have LIFE.. and have it in abundance. (John 10:10b).  The very least I can do is respect the earthly tent he gave me. 

I’ve shared with you all before how I can often struggle with the ‘mind game ‘ of fitness and healthy living.   I can be nowhere near ‘falling off the wagon ‘ but can end up feeling that way due to a comment or situation that has happened.  Now, this weekends occurance shows that it’s not only a negative or nasty comment that the enemy can use as a way to pull you down.  I had a friend over who is on a fitness journey, just like me.  Now all she did was explain her methods, fitness & food choices etc.. and I came away feeling that I was ‘doing it wrong ‘ (which illogically takes me down the train of thought that I’m ‘failing’).

This didn’t bring me low for long at all, Praise God.  It did however remind me that I need to hold my shield up high at all times.   Something so innocent… not ever a comment about me personally.. or my choices.. had me doubting myself.   

I need to constantly remind myself Who I am.. and whos I am !! I do this in the day to day.. but I need to apply this to my fitness journey also.   I’ve said it before… Jesus is my workout buddy… and it’s so true..  He gets me through EVERY workout, soothes every pain… gives me the confidence to lift that extra weight.. and never leaves my side !! 

So that means I actually talk thru every part of the journey with him.  What I’ll eat (or not), how hard I’ll push myself.. etc etc.   I don’t need to doubt my methods and choices.. even when they’re different to someone else’s.. because I made those choices with my Lord !! 

This level of confidence in my journey is beyond awesome !!!!! It makes it very easy to stay on track.. even with the odd temporary ‘down’ period.  

Ok peeps…. enjoy your week & remember that our journeys are all different.  We won’t travel the same path to reach our destination.  ūüėé

Much love & encouragement !! xx

PS.  In my pic tonight I’m wearing my new fav workout singlet.   My super awesome sister brought this home from Hawaii for me yest (That’s why I’m doing the shakaūüėÖ).  As my Mum pointed out today … the words don’t only speak to my fitness journey.. but also to my spiritual journey.  This is so so true…. and I’m constantly under construction in His will !!! LOVE IT !!! 

Guard your heart. .. and your face

I had my first boxing PT sesh yesturday and it was THEBOMB.COM !! Such a fun way to workout. 


If you really look closely you can tell I’m laughing in the above pic. .. it was way fun to power out some energy.
What most struck my though was after each jab, hook, or whatever you were doing,  you need to come back to ‘guard’ which is basically protecting your face. 

You’d think it’d be a fairly natural thing to do,  to want to protect your face,  but Mel, my PT, had to keep reminding me.   I kinda had it by the end,  but it got me thinking later about Proverbs 4 :23 Guard your heart with all vigilance, for from it are the sources of life.

Mel was saying that it’s very common to guard your chest. . And while it makes more sense to guard your face (more breakable things on it I guess.. ha ha), it reminded me of that verse in Proverbs and how it’s probably true that we feel more at risk of a heart hurt than a physical hurt in day to day life. 


It’s not often we’re gonna cop a jab to the face is it,  but it can be pretty often that our heart is ‘jabbed’.  Whether it be intentional or deliberate, it hurts and does tend to cause us to guard it.  I read something yesturday about how silly that ‘Sticks & stones’ poem is.   Names DO hurt us… and can often cause more lasting wounds than a physical jab.

What I choose to take from this knowledge though is that when you recognize how easily someone’s unkind or thoughtless words and actions can hurt you,  it makes you more aware of your own. 

Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

Proverbs 12:18 – There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
This one is a life verse I choose to live by. .. I now recognize & claim the gifting that God has put in my heart. .. to heal the brokenhearted.  It’s a tough gig to be honest as to have a real needs awareness you need to ask to have your heart broken for what breaks His.  This is required for me to best be able to help in the healing process of whoever’s life I’m speaking into,  but can be emotionally taxing.  Clearly these people are always going to be those I care about deeply, so not just the sadness of the situation,  but the heartache of my friend can be gut wrenching. 

This in itself is just another reason why I need to guard my heart, as the enemy does love to swoop in when you’re low and send a nice hot arrow in. If I allow it to penetrate me, it can put me out of action to help others. 

Another element of boxing that parallels into everyday life, as well as spiritual battles, is the correct stance.  It’s important to have the correct stance in order to be stable and have full body movement. .. not only to deliver your punches,  but deflect any blows.  If we don’t take the correct stance, we’ll be unstable & unprepared.

Stay alert, stand firm in the faith, show courage, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13

So.. in short… get on the full armor of God… (and maybe some boxing gloves. )


Respecting the temple # 2


Two years ago, I came to the realisation that I was not respecting the temple … ¬†my body… ¬†the home of The Holy Spirit. ¬†I began a journey that saw me lose 10kgs. ¬†I felt fantastic, looked fantastic and was extremely proud of myself for having gotten healthy. ¬†However, I let ‘life’ get in the way of this and have back-slidden… ¬†to further back than where I started last time. ¬†To say I am disappointed¬†in myself is an understatement. but I am not going to be beaten by this. … I’m taking responsibility for my health !!!

I’m now on day 4 of my new healthy journey… one that I hope¬†will have no end. ¬†2yrs ago, I was amazed how much I came to LOVE exercise.. ¬†to the point where if I couldn’t go a day without a run, I’d get antsy. ¬†I distinctly remember a time on the train, travelling to visit my cousin which is an hour and a half trip. ¬†Having to sit still and not be active for this amount of time was frustrating… ¬†I want that drive back again… and I’m going to get it !!! ¬†I actually can already feel it returning even after these 4 days of exercise.


I’m also motivated by the fact that I’ll be the big 4 0 next year !! ¬†I actually can’t wait for that b’day, but I have heard so many¬†people say that it’s so much harder to keep the weight off after turning 40, so I want to be ahead of the game.

I’m starting with healthy eating, lots of exercise & lots of water !! ¬†My tummy is a¬†problem area for me, so I’m doing lots of sit-ups and other ab exercises. ¬†I’m also doing lots of weigh training as I’ve found in the¬†past that you can achieve quite quick results of toning in upper arms etc. ¬†It’s always encouraging to get some¬†pleasing results quickly as it keeps you motivated to continue.

OK¬†peeps…. ¬†Now that you’re in the loop… ¬†come along for the ride. ¬†Join in if you like. ¬†I have a dear friend who has also decided to respect the temple, so that makes the journey even more enjoyable as it’s always great to have someone to motivate and to motivate you.

What is most important in this though is that I keep God at the centre …¬†people can motivate me, fitting into clothes can motivate me, feeling healthy can motivate me, but my ultimate motivation needs to be to glorify God in everything that I do. ¬†Whatever’s going on, whatever I’m achieving, I still need to be seeking HIS will for my life.

May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.  Hebrews 13, 20-21.

Blessings peeps  xox

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