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Changing trains

I'm afraid it's just a short one tonight. I'd love to say that I'm jumping off the grief train and jumping aboard the 'getting my head back in the game' train... but really it's like when you have to change... Continue Reading →

Jesus… our constant encourager

Evening all... Well, it's Sunday night and I'm only a good sleep away from a new week of work, study.. and all the other things that go with the 'Mum life'.   As you can see by the below photo,... Continue Reading →

Playing the head-game… & winning !!

So, it's well & truly time for a fitness blog update !! I am in week 6 of the 6wk Winter challenge with my lovely PT, Mel.  I am, overall, very happy with the challenge as I have noticed positive... Continue Reading →

Getting my mo-jo back !!

Hiya blog readers....  It's been a little while I know, but after my exciting trip to Adelaide with my sis, my lovely DH shared the flu with me.... and yes, it was actually the flu..not just a bad cold.  It's... Continue Reading →

Shrinking tents, expanding territory & planning War :0)

Hi all !! It's Friday afternoon ....  schoolwork is complete (well, Miss 15 is still going, but hey, she NEVER stops working), the weekend is so close I can taste it.   Youth group for the kiddos tonight means DATE... Continue Reading →

I love to lift…. Him on high !!

So, I love love love toned seriously, it's my fav fit body feature.  So, it's no surprise that I love to lift, as that going to give me what I want.  I'm kinda going for a 'Tris in Divergent'... Continue Reading →

Guard your heart. .. and your face

I had my first boxing PT sesh yesturday and it was THEBOMB.COM !! Such a fun way to workout.  If you really look closely you can tell I'm laughing in the above pic. .. it was way fun to power... Continue Reading →

The rude interuption.

Sorry for the delay with my fitness blog for last week, but I haven't been very well, so I've had to prioritise my Bible College study over blog entries. As the title says, I've really found my 'unwell state' to... Continue Reading →

A FitFi update !!

While lying in bed last night feeling terribly sick after my first PT session, I realised that I haven't blogged about my fitness journey for quite a long time.  Well, let's just be honest and say that I may have... Continue Reading →

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