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What colour is your lifejacket?

Quite often, the Holy Spirit will prompt me on a future blog entry.  This happened to me on the very first day of our cruise, so I did what I always do in these situations, got out my phone and typed it into a note ‘for a time such as this’ (ha ha), when I’d find the time to sit at my Mac and blog about it.

As a little side-note, but still very pertinent to this blog, I am simply LOVING  (& very appreciative) how I have such a great ‘open phone line’ with my Heavenly Father, and in turn am often very aware of Holy Spirit prompting.  Now, I’m in no way saying that I always get it right, coz I so do not !!  There are times when I ignore that still small voice, or buy into the lie that it was ‘just my own thoughts’.  I always know this has happened as a turn of events play out and I’m able to see plain as day where I should have listened to the still small voice, and I didn’t.  Most of the time, it’s very small things.. nothing life changing by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m sure it’s exactly those times when The Lord is teaching me to lean on Him in EVERY situation.  It always prompts me to be constantly aware that if I don’t continue to work on and foster that relationship with The Lord, one of those times won’t be about a small, non-life-changing issue, but something much bigger.

John 14:26 – But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom The Father will send you in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

So, with all this in mind, when I am confident The Holy Spirit has given me a message, I get it written down so that I can explore it later.

Because it’s always interesting to start off a ‘story’ or message with a ‘sizzling start’ (that’s grade 3 curriculum coming back to me right there), here we go…

It was a gorgeous sunny Friday, standing on Riviera Deck of the Sea Princess.  My family & I were standing with lifejackets in hand while waving off dear friends that had come to farewell us.

As you can imagine, it’s kinda awkward walking around carrying lifejackets.  They’re not the modern type you’d use when going on a speedboat etc, but the very ‘boxy’ type that I imagine are made that way for easy mass production, as well as efficient storage in small spaces.

life-jacketlife jacket

After waving off our friends, we headed to our super exciting safety Muster.  As we were walking to our muster station, carrying my boxy lifejacket, I really felt, within my spirit, that I was being told the following very clear line.


Because it wasn’t a particular ‘must be dealt with now’ type of prompting, I didn’t think on it too much at that time (too busy listening to the fascinatingly interesting safety talk of course), but it was the following day when sitting quietly on Promenade deck with nothing but my husband’s silent company, a great book and a drink (non-alcoholic of course, as I assume some of you may not like me BUI.. Blogging Under the influence …Bahahahahahaha ), that my mind went back to that still small voice and it’s message to me the previous day.

What kept coming back to me was this notion of carrying that awkward lifejacket around with me the entire cruise.  I remember thinking to myself (which, yes, I know is kinda silly) “I wonder if our friends saw us with the lifejackets and thought we had to have them with us at all times on the cruise?.”  Yes, feel free to laugh, as it is a funny picture, as I know they’re clever enough to have not thought that.  When asking for clarification it was made clear to me that the idea shows me that we have Jesus with us AT ALL TIMES and he IS our lifejacket.  He protects us and gives us that amazing sense of security.  He keeps our head above the water, even when the ‘seas’ get rough and the ‘waves’ are high.  (Is anyone  else singing ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong in their heads right now?)

The biggest illustration though was that while the boxy lifejacket is cumbersome to carry around (& worse to wear), and we all couldn’t wait to put it back on the top shelf of the cupboard in our stateroom, to hopefully stay there for the remainder of our cruise.. the lifejacket that we have in Jesus is a pleasure and a gift to ‘wear’.

Another element to the illustration was about the colour.  The boxy lifejackets on the ship are bright orange.  Most lifejackets are bright aren’t they as one of their features needs to be high visability etc.  The question we need to ask ourselves is …  When our friends, family, circle of influence etc see us ‘wearing our Jesus lifejacket’, do they see a bright orange, highly visable ‘lifejacket’ or do they see a faded, shabby one?  I wonder if some people even like their Jesus lifejacket to come in a Camo design at times… like those times that we want to ‘fly under the radar’ and slip into sin areas we know we shouldn’t.

This illustration says to me that yes, we can choose Jesus as our lifejacket but do we wear it at all times, care for it, keep it in tip-top shape?  highly visible & effective, or do we wear it only when it suits us, throw in the cupboard for weeks or months at a time, change the design of it at times so that it’s ‘easier’ (less cumbersome) to wear etc. When we do that, we are actually hurting not only ourselves, but those around us.  Those people that are possibly put across our path in order for us to witness to them.  We are called to be light in the darkness.

Personally, while working with this illustration, I want my ‘lifejacket’ to be a BRIGHT FLURO orange.. I want people to see Jesus within me from far off… & not just in appearance, but in action & deed.

I have found from personal experience over the years that when the lifejacket seems burdensome and weary to wear, it’s at those times that I have let me relationship with The Lord wane.  I’ve not given him my best, my first, my time.  Praise The Lord, I’ve never wanted to take the lifejacket off, never even come close to thinking it, but I am honest enough to know that at times my lifejacket has appeared dull and barely visible.  It always continued to have it’s practical elements of protection, but was I wearing it with the straps undone… living on the edge so to speak. I’m extremely grateful for the influences I’ve had in my life, in particular within the last 5ish years, that have brought me to a place of doing up the clips, tightening the straps, cleaning off the ‘dust’ and bringing it back to HIGH VISIBILITY.

So, to wrap up what I’ve taken from this particular message from The Holy Spirit, I want to keep my lifejacket BRIGHT and VISIBLE !!! How am I going to do that?  No matter how much time, big or small, I already devote in quietness to The Lord, I’m going to work at increasing those times.  I’m going to increase the times that I read from my ACTUAL bible, as opposed to using the app on my phone.  It’s convenient, I know (believe me, I know.. because I can make the font nice and BIG), but it’s also easy to have a txt message or a phone call come in and then poof…  quiet time disturbed.. even if you ignore the call/message.


Also, I’m going to increase my journalling.  I really enjoy it so it’s certainly not a chore, and much is learnt from each journalling entry.

Praise & worship is also a big part of my walk with The Lord.  So many modern worship songs are full of great teachable content, but you really can’t beat the old hymns.  They are so rich in God’s word…  with so many of them copied straight off the pages.  So, increased time listening to God’s word in song is in order too.

With all this in mind, I’d say 2016 is looking pretty darn exciting !!

Blessings Peeps  xox




Life is continuing….

Oh my goodness, if I’d left it another two days, it would have been an entire month between blogs…that’s downright SLACK !!!

So much has been going on.. which does help to explain my slackness in the blogging department.

The highlights are –

  • Baby Boy Lucas is now HOME and powering on like the little warrior he has proven himself to be.  He’s settling in at home, putting on weight, getting to know his big brother, and is having his first immunisations today.

12274740_10156180455970580_8816686548069678247_n (1)

  • I scored myself a not very pleasant intercostal injury about a month ago and am actually still suffering from that.  However, it IS improving (PRAISE GOD !!) so things ARE on the up & up.  I think I did it because I did either too many sit ups, or did sit ups incorrectly.  I had both an ultrasound and an X-ray on my right side chest/ribs etc but it didn’t show anything.  As a result, I’ve had to change my exercise routine …  for the first two weeks, I couldn’t do ANYTHING.  I am pleased to say though that I must have been doing just enough to keep the weight loss train going as the number has continued to drop slowly each Tuesday morning for my weigh-in.
  • We are now down to only two weeks and two days until we sail far far away across the sea !!!  Our renewed passports finally arrived so this is a relief.  I cannot even tell you how excited & humbled I am to know that I get to enjoy two weeks ‘off the job’.  No cleaning, cooking, washing….  Thank you Jesus !!!
  • Sadly there is ups and downs (more downs)  in family over the last few weeks that look to be continuing for a while.  However, God is teaching me a lot throughout.  It’s so easy to see someone’s actions as selfishness on the surface, but when looking deeper, you can expose emotional issues that deserve additional care.  Also, sadly, it is human nature to ‘arc up’ when someone does something to upset you, when in fact, we’ve been commissioned to Love thy neighbour, repay bad with GOOD, do all we can to expand God’s Kingdom, and most importantly, be the LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS !!!
  • DH is really enjoying having his aeroplane and being able to go up to the airfield whenever he can and go for a fly IN HIS OWN PLANE.  He’s been waiting a very long time for this and is LOVING IT !!  He’s also made a nice group of friends up there, which is just as much a part of the whole ‘scene’ he’s been wanting to be apart of for so long. They sit around with their drinks and discuss all things ‘planes’.  I’m really really happy for him.  & as you can see, the kids are enjoying it too.


  • The biggest homeschool excursion (78 people) I have ever organised went off without a hitch (or any drownings)… Woot Woot !!


  • Miss 14’s dance comps all went very well.  Now to enjoy the break before it all starts again in Feb 2016.
  • The 2016 homeschool journey has been decided on which is also a weight off my shoulders.  The older two kiddos are currently working through diagnostic testing for next year and are doing very well with them.

So there you go, that basically brings you up to speed, to a degree, on our lives.

Even amongst the ups and downs of ‘life’ I love how God makes ‘lessons’ out of all situations, good & bad.  I’ve also been reading Jefferson Bethke’s Jesus>Religion which is really opening up my view on things.

Blessings xox

My ‘Moms’ night out’ Review !!

images-4 images-5

Last night, while having rested up in the arv so as to be healthy enough to go, I headed out with my Mum, sister & niece to our preferred local cinemas (ha ha… well, it’s actually the only place that was showing this fab movie when we booked.) to see the much anticipated movie Moms’ night out.

I would have loved to have had a big group organised, but the limit of movie screenings made it difficult to accommodate everyone.  Since booking however, they have greatly increased the viewing times, so I’m really confident that everyone who wants to see this movie, will have the opportunity to do so.

There was, however, a good friend of ours and her two daughters sitting in the row in front of us, so that helped create a group outing setting.  :0)

I headed into this movie with just the expectations set up by the trailers etc.  A group of Mums, going out for a night out without husbands and kids… things go a little haywire… and they eventually sort it out. LOL.  That was the general storyline I went in expecting to see & is exactly what it was, but so much more was packed in also.  Great story lines within the major storyline, great humour & one liners, top quality acting…. and so much more.

They brought into this movie so many aspects of day to day life as a Mum that I can relate to…..  being a tad OCD with the housecleaning, texts with friends making a tough day more bearable, LOVING it when your husband walks in the door of an afternoon… knowing some of the million questions you’ve been receiving all day can now be fired towards him instead, the thrill of dressing up for a night out kid-free… and guess what…. The main character is a MUMMY-BLOGGER !!!  Yay, just like ME !!  :0)

One of the funniest ones for me, as a homeschooling Mum, was when the main character (played by one of my fav Greys Anatomy actors, Sarah Drew) tells of one of the bumper stickers on her mini-van… it reads “My Homeschooler is smarter than your Honour student.”  Bahahahahahahaha !!!

I also loved how they portrayed the Dad’s…. they did such a fantastic job at it….  they so hit the mark right there.  Yes, Dad’s often do expose our kids to some stuff we wouldn’t, and they can appear to be a bit more casual with safety etc, but when it comes down to the crunch, they pull it together… and step up when needed !!!

Also, bringing a Baptist minister together with a bikie gang, some druggos, a tattoo parlour and a bowling alley (with dancing competition) was HILLARIOUS !!!  Having had both my Grandad & Uncle as Baptist ministers, plus 2 of my cousins currently as Baptist minters, it was really funny to identify with those relating to them.

All in all… I would HIGHLY recommend this movie !!  I will definitely be going again with those who couldn’t come along last night.

I was initially so frustrated that they seemed to be restricting the viewing of this movie, but they since have expanded the opportunities to see it, so that is GREAT !!! God is GOOD !!

The BEST part of this movie is how they pull it together at the end when the main character realises that whatever she is… good, bad, stressed, messy, OCD, dressed up, in daggy pjs, hair a disaster, hair DONE…..  whatever she is….. She is HIS MASTERPIECE !!!!!!

BAM right there baby !!  BAM !!

Blessings Peeps !!!

Lv Fi  xox

HS Day 87 – Teeth, braces & impression moulds !!

Soooooo…  yesturday was a super fun day spent taking James for a dental X-ray and then appointment at the Orthodontist.  He has a weirdly placed front teeth, so after a dental visit a few weeks back, we were referred to an orthodontist.

As Jaz is already well in the throes of braces prep with a lovely Orthodontist locally, we went to him with James also.  I was surprised to learn in the appointment that what James needs is 4 braces on his front teeth.  Apparently the weirdly placed tooth is not actually a concern as he has plenty of baby tooth to still come out, which will create the room needed for this tooth to correct it’s position.  However, he has a slight gap between his two front teeth, as well as his bottom teeth being slightly off centre (Jaz has same issue), so they are putting the braces on to hopefully correct this.  He also has a incorrect jaw positioning which will require surgery if it doesn’t correct itself as his face continues to grow.  These braces will be on for a short period (8-9 months) and then he’ll be left to grow as he grows… and then when he’s 16-17, they’ll re-assess.

Jaz’s next appointment wasn’t until June 25, but seeing as we were there and he had the time, he very kindly slotted her in and got her braces ball rolling. She had pictures taken (as did James), and a mould impression done.

The grand price total is a little daunting, but hey, what can ya do!

I’m so happy with the service they provide at this Orthodontist.  Very helpful and accomodating to my millions of questions etc.   Plus they even waived James’ consultation fee yesturday as they already have a sibling as a client.  Then, on top of that, they said we are welcome to bring Jordan in for a free consultation also.

It’s fair to note though that they charged me $60 to take 8 pictures… Seriously, that’s a bit over the top.  LOL.  I literally watched him take them, plug his camera into his laptop.. and BAM, there they were….  $60 worth of work??  I think not.   Same thing though.. what can ya do.

Unfortunately for Jaz though, she needs 4 teeth pulled prior to the braces going on in 3wks.  So, she has 2 appointments (they do a side per visit, so she can still chew on the opposite side during healing). She’s not keen on the tooth extraction exercise though… but who can blame her.  I detest going to the dentist.  Thankfully, I have good teeth though.

As, with all this excitement, our school day was rather unsettled…  we are thoroughly enjoying our relatively uninterrupted school day today !!

We are trying to get into a ‘Pace per fortnight’ program, so this week and next is a little different, but thankfully by the end of next week, we’ll have corrected all to run smoothly from that following week onwards.

Blessings peeps.

Lv Fi xox

When Thursday night turns nasty

Poor Miss 13 has broken her left foot tonight after landing on it funny.
She is one very disappointed girl after realizing the 6wks in plaster could take her out of Physie for the year. 😦
Our loving God looks after is in ALL situations though, so we need to find out what He’s teaching us through this latest one.
To use a great line from the movie Facing the Giants…
“In the good times, we’ll praise Him… And in the bad times, we’ll praise Him too.”
Blessings peeps !!

HS Day 61…. An efficient day today !! A lonely Arv/evening tho :0(

Hello there Peeps…

Today was a very productive school day which was exactly what was needed after yesterday’s stress.  A few tests are scheduled for the morning, so here’s praying we have a fabulous night’s sleep tonight in preparation.  I, unfortunately, have not slept well for the last two nights now due to a stress that shouldn’t actually be there anyway.  (Don’t you hate those ones.)

I’m having another of those “Feeling lonely, and yet I know I’m not alone” kinda arv & evenings.  In these times, I press into The Lord like never before.

I have had a family related stress/hurt on my heart for a year and a half now, and today I’ve decided to put an end to it… or at least attempt to.  I need to constantly remind myself that I can’t control anyone else’s decisions.. only my own.  I can’t control anyone else’s heart condition… only my own.

It all comes back to Audience of One !!  If I’m letting anyone else’s opinion of me… or the untruths they are saying of me to others effect me, then I’m in fact NOT living with an ‘audience of One’ mentality.  It’s humbling to be brought back to this mindset when needed.  Humbling… and refreshing… and JUST WHAT I NEED !!

I do feel like I live a bit of a double life at times, as I know I do put a fairly happy disposition forward, and don’t get me wrong… I AM a happy person, but I do have many struggles within my own family that make me feel terribly alone… when in fact I know I’m not… hence the ‘naming’ of this kind of day.

I long for the day…..  and more importantly PRAY for the day, when I will have a lighter shield, a spiritual leader in my home, and in some ways… a mentor within my home.  I don’t know why…. well, actually I do suspect why…  but I CRAVE to receive rich teaching from my husband.  I so want him to be that little bit further down the road than me in his spiritual walk…. rather than the other way around.  I have questions/concerns/wonderful revelations etc, and I so want to share them with the most important man in my life, but I can’t… which more often than not, leads me to these periods of feeling desperately alone.

I receive so much love and comfort from my Heavenly Father in these times.  I am beyond blessed to be a daughter of The Most High God !! I do know that walking the road God has marked out for me can be tough… and lonely at times…. but only lonely in the human sense.  I KNOW He is walking beside me at all times.

Deuteronomy 28:1-3And if you faithfully obey the voice of the Lord your God, being careful to do all his commandments that I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God. Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field.

Blessings Peeps !!




Dad’s surgery update !!

I’m late in writing this blog, but as they say.. better late than never !

The last 2wks have been CRAZY !!  Busy, stressful, exhausting, revealing, frustrating, hurtful, mind blowing, fun, sad, & lots more !!  Sounds like a whirlwind right ?  Well, it was !!

Firstly, let’s go on from my last entry which was the debacle that was Dad’s initial surgery date of Tuesday 25th March.  Let’s not re-hash as it makes me too sad/mad.  Unfortunately though, things didn’t improve.  Dad went back to transition care at Brighton in a deteriorated state… even the nurses commented on it.

We received the call that Dad’s rescheduled surgery was to be the following Thursday (3rd April).  Mum, Karen & I all planned to make lots of phone calls prior to this new surgery time as there was NO WAY we were sending Dad back to PA unless someone CONFIRMED that the batteries were on site.  We didn’t actually end up getting that confirmation, but the surgery did in fact go ahead.  Dad now does have new ‘breast implants’.  (LOL).  However, following the surgery, Mum & I headed home after making sure Dad was settled into the ward.  Maybe we should have stayed a little longer to counteract the now known habit of PA hospital stuffing up !  :0(  Dad received no dinner until he asked someone at 7.30 and they eventually rustled him up a sandwich.  If that wasn’t bad enough… the following morning I spoke to Dad at 8.30am and once again, he’d received no breakfast, or, & more importantly, NO MEDICATION !!  The poor bloke can’t catch a break !!  When I blew them a new earhole over the incident, they said they were using a new meals system and some people were being missed… well, that makes sense once (dinner), but when he’s been missed once.. you’d think they’d make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Mum & I were in there by 10.30am.  Thank you to my gorgeous niece Claudia who sat with my children for their final day of term one (more of that in a separate post).

Thanks The Lord, Dad was in quite good spirits, but did say he’d had a very bad night.  (There could be another blog there, but I’m not sure yet.. Ahh, the intrigue. LOL)  Mum & I were determined to stay with Dad until he was transported back to Transition Care, as we didn’t want him in that hospital a moment longer.  Funnily enough… when I was on hold with the PA when ringing Dad in the morning, the hold music/message told me that the PA hospital has recently received an award for outstanding patient care.. What the ???  I don’t think so.  However, this did lead me to think… wait a second.. what can we learn from this.  They would have only received the award if there was plenty of proof to warrant it, so maybe.. just maybe, The Lord had something in there to teach us…. if only to never go to PA again???  Bahahahaha.  Kidding.  Unfortunately we’re stuck with them as Dad has to continue seeing the neurologist there.

As it stands now.. Dad has an appointment on Tuesday @ 7.30am to switch the batteries ON !!!  Now, this could be a HUGE amazing exciting moment.. or it could be a huge anti-climax.. we simply won’t know until it happens.  I’m praying that Dad at the very least will receive some more mobility and decrease in discomfort once the batteries are switched on.

It’s beyond comforting to know that it is all in God’s hands.  When things seem to be going to garbage and back, it’s so important to know that all things are under His control.  Not always an easy thing to latch onto… especially in the thick of it…  but important none the less.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.  Proberbs 3:5 & 6

This was SUCH a help….  mostly the part about ‘do not lean on your own understanding’….  the entire thing just seemed so unfair, so WRONG !!!!

It was hard to not focus on this one though at the time you are dealing with a crying broken Dad who just want to go Home ! 

“Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.” Psalm 110:1

There was definitely some warfare prayers going on during this time too !!  I spent the time of Dad’s surgery and time at the PA claiming protection over him.  Claiming and constantly thanking The Lord for the additional ministering and warrior angels around him at those times.  I wasn’t going to let the enemy get any footholds during Dad’s moments of vulnerability.

What IS comforting is that Dad is now back at Brighton happy as Larry and enjoying his Moreton bay view.

Blessings Peeps !!! xox



HS Day 41 Part 2 – I don’t wanna write part 2 tho :0(

Hi all.  This is part 2 of what happened on Tuesday…  what was supposed to be Dad’s surgery day !!  His long awaited, much fought for surgery !

Anyway.. in the pics shown in part 1, we were under the impression that if Dad wasn’t already in surgery, he was very close to going in… turns out he wasn’t in at all.. he was upstairs in pre-op having a very bad panic attack!

As soon as we found this out, we rushed back up.. Mum, the 3 kids and I.  While I set the kids up with iPads in the waiting room, which Thank The Lord was right outside where Dad was…  Mum went in to find Dad extremely upset.. in tears.. miserable.  This was at about 3pm ish.  His surgery was supposed to be at 1pm.. he’d been fasted since midnight, which really means dinner the night before.  Poor fella was starving !!

Finally at 4.30, we were told that not only was the surgery cancelled, but the battery replacements that were to be fitted were still in SYDNEY !!  Let’s just say, we were a bit P-I-S-E-D  (joke from Rome & Michelle’s high school reunion movie).  I mean seriously, if the batteries were still in Sydney, they would have known that before he’d even been transported by taxi from transition care that morning.  Putting aside how damaging emotionally this ordeal was for Dad… what about the huge waste of tax payer money etc etc.

Then, can you believe it, it actually got worse when they had no bed for Dad anywhere.  We were so mad with PA hospital by the point, but I do have to say that the nursing staff and community health nurse were more than helpful…  they were also very angry about Dad’s treatment and really bent over backwards to fix this as best they could.

I had to leave at 6ish to get my kids home…  walking to the train station before it was dark.  At this point, we had literally no idea when a bed would be found and Mum could go home, so I thought I needed to get the kids home, who by that point had been there for 8.5hrs.  We got home at about a quarter past 7 and by that time, a bed had been miraculously found for Dad at the PA.

He has now this morning returned to transition care until his re-booked surgery next Thursday.  We’ll definitely be putting some phone calls in that morning though before transporting him over again.. making sure the batteries are actually in the state.

We have since found out that Dad’s neurosurgeon, Dr Sarah Olsen, has resigned a few weeks back because of patients being treated exactly as Dad was on Tuesday…like an unimportant number.. not a person.

OK.. rant over.. now to be positive and put my focus back on GOD’S plans for Dad.. which let’s face it, is what I should have done all along.

I’m going to share my download from Tuesday nights journaling. My question to God … Why did this happen today ?? First response… I’m not allowed to ask ‘why?’. Lol. He always pulls me up on that one.
Anyway moving on… Here’s what I got..

“I am carrying Ken ! I surround him. He is protected, he is loved. He is my son. I love him & he loves Me. I am his resting place, his fortress, his ever present strength in times of trouble. Have faith in ME, not in man, and the works of man. My love is constant, unrelenting, loud & heavy.


Not hard to see how I felt so much better after this journalling, plus the praise & worship time I had on Tuesday night.

God is GOOD !!!


Homeschooling Day 29 – Mamma Bear is sick :0(

Ok, so I’m discovering in this second part of Week 5 that it is tough being a homeschool Mum when you’re sick as a dog.  :0(

However, God always looks after me.  Amongst the yucky symptoms, I am also reading a fantastic book by C. Peter Wagner entitled Praying with Power.  It has been such a great read so far and I wonder why I’ve taken so long to read it (I got it about 9 months ago), but I am reminded that God’s timing is perfect, so this is why I’m reading it at this particular time.

I had revealed to me two major, and I mean major things about my dear Husband while reading Chapter 2 – Two way prayer – Hearing God.  I now have very specific things to pray about in this regard.  Very interesting, as one of the biggest take-aways of this book is how more powerful our prayers can be when they are as specific as possible.  It is speaking more to warfare prayers, but I believe it definitely has the same ‘power’ in personal prayers for loved ones also.

Another very fascinating topic which I’ve wanted to delve into further, but never have… is spiritual mapping.  I’ve always wondered what that was, how do you use it and how is it helpful?  Chapter 4 – Targeted prayer – Spiritual mapping, has explained it very well.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to intensify their prayer life.

OK.. so back to schooling… the children are working extremely well for their poor sick mother who yesturday didn’t make it off the couch for very long… and today, is at her desk for over two hours now..  so there is marked improvement.  Here’s to finishing up soon and hitting the couch again.  LOL.  I think a good action movie might be on the cards…  I”m thinking Thor, The Dark World.  Yes, I did watch it last night, but you can never watch enough Avengers.  LOL.

Blessings Peeps !!!


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