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What colour is your lifejacket?

Quite often, the Holy Spirit will prompt me on a future blog entry.  This happened to me on the very first day of our cruise, so I did what I always do in these situations, got out my phone and typed it into a note ‘for a time such as this’ (ha ha), when I’d find the time to sit at my Mac and blog about it.

As a little side-note, but still very pertinent to this blog, I am simply LOVING  (& very appreciative) how I have such a great ‘open phone line’ with my Heavenly Father, and in turn am often very aware of Holy Spirit prompting.  Now, I’m in no way saying that I always get it right, coz I so do not !!  There are times when I ignore that still small voice, or buy into the lie that it was ‘just my own thoughts’.  I always know this has happened as a turn of events play out and I’m able to see plain as day where I should have listened to the still small voice, and I didn’t.  Most of the time, it’s very small things.. nothing life changing by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m sure it’s exactly those times when The Lord is teaching me to lean on Him in EVERY situation.  It always prompts me to be constantly aware that if I don’t continue to work on and foster that relationship with The Lord, one of those times won’t be about a small, non-life-changing issue, but something much bigger.

John 14:26 – But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom The Father will send you in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

So, with all this in mind, when I am confident The Holy Spirit has given me a message, I get it written down so that I can explore it later.

Because it’s always interesting to start off a ‘story’ or message with a ‘sizzling start’ (that’s grade 3 curriculum coming back to me right there), here we go…

It was a gorgeous sunny Friday, standing on Riviera Deck of the Sea Princess.  My family & I were standing with lifejackets in hand while waving off dear friends that had come to farewell us.

As you can imagine, it’s kinda awkward walking around carrying lifejackets.  They’re not the modern type you’d use when going on a speedboat etc, but the very ‘boxy’ type that I imagine are made that way for easy mass production, as well as efficient storage in small spaces.

life-jacketlife jacket

After waving off our friends, we headed to our super exciting safety Muster.  As we were walking to our muster station, carrying my boxy lifejacket, I really felt, within my spirit, that I was being told the following very clear line.


Because it wasn’t a particular ‘must be dealt with now’ type of prompting, I didn’t think on it too much at that time (too busy listening to the fascinatingly interesting safety talk of course), but it was the following day when sitting quietly on Promenade deck with nothing but my husband’s silent company, a great book and a drink (non-alcoholic of course, as I assume some of you may not like me BUI.. Blogging Under the influence …Bahahahahahaha ), that my mind went back to that still small voice and it’s message to me the previous day.

What kept coming back to me was this notion of carrying that awkward lifejacket around with me the entire cruise.  I remember thinking to myself (which, yes, I know is kinda silly) “I wonder if our friends saw us with the lifejackets and thought we had to have them with us at all times on the cruise?.”  Yes, feel free to laugh, as it is a funny picture, as I know they’re clever enough to have not thought that.  When asking for clarification it was made clear to me that the idea shows me that we have Jesus with us AT ALL TIMES and he IS our lifejacket.  He protects us and gives us that amazing sense of security.  He keeps our head above the water, even when the ‘seas’ get rough and the ‘waves’ are high.  (Is anyone  else singing ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong in their heads right now?)

The biggest illustration though was that while the boxy lifejacket is cumbersome to carry around (& worse to wear), and we all couldn’t wait to put it back on the top shelf of the cupboard in our stateroom, to hopefully stay there for the remainder of our cruise.. the lifejacket that we have in Jesus is a pleasure and a gift to ‘wear’.

Another element to the illustration was about the colour.  The boxy lifejackets on the ship are bright orange.  Most lifejackets are bright aren’t they as one of their features needs to be high visability etc.  The question we need to ask ourselves is …  When our friends, family, circle of influence etc see us ‘wearing our Jesus lifejacket’, do they see a bright orange, highly visable ‘lifejacket’ or do they see a faded, shabby one?  I wonder if some people even like their Jesus lifejacket to come in a Camo design at times… like those times that we want to ‘fly under the radar’ and slip into sin areas we know we shouldn’t.

This illustration says to me that yes, we can choose Jesus as our lifejacket but do we wear it at all times, care for it, keep it in tip-top shape?  highly visible & effective, or do we wear it only when it suits us, throw in the cupboard for weeks or months at a time, change the design of it at times so that it’s ‘easier’ (less cumbersome) to wear etc. When we do that, we are actually hurting not only ourselves, but those around us.  Those people that are possibly put across our path in order for us to witness to them.  We are called to be light in the darkness.

Personally, while working with this illustration, I want my ‘lifejacket’ to be a BRIGHT FLURO orange.. I want people to see Jesus within me from far off… & not just in appearance, but in action & deed.

I have found from personal experience over the years that when the lifejacket seems burdensome and weary to wear, it’s at those times that I have let me relationship with The Lord wane.  I’ve not given him my best, my first, my time.  Praise The Lord, I’ve never wanted to take the lifejacket off, never even come close to thinking it, but I am honest enough to know that at times my lifejacket has appeared dull and barely visible.  It always continued to have it’s practical elements of protection, but was I wearing it with the straps undone… living on the edge so to speak. I’m extremely grateful for the influences I’ve had in my life, in particular within the last 5ish years, that have brought me to a place of doing up the clips, tightening the straps, cleaning off the ‘dust’ and bringing it back to HIGH VISIBILITY.

So, to wrap up what I’ve taken from this particular message from The Holy Spirit, I want to keep my lifejacket BRIGHT and VISIBLE !!! How am I going to do that?  No matter how much time, big or small, I already devote in quietness to The Lord, I’m going to work at increasing those times.  I’m going to increase the times that I read from my ACTUAL bible, as opposed to using the app on my phone.  It’s convenient, I know (believe me, I know.. because I can make the font nice and BIG), but it’s also easy to have a txt message or a phone call come in and then poof…  quiet time disturbed.. even if you ignore the call/message.


Also, I’m going to increase my journalling.  I really enjoy it so it’s certainly not a chore, and much is learnt from each journalling entry.

Praise & worship is also a big part of my walk with The Lord.  So many modern worship songs are full of great teachable content, but you really can’t beat the old hymns.  They are so rich in God’s word…  with so many of them copied straight off the pages.  So, increased time listening to God’s word in song is in order too.

With all this in mind, I’d say 2016 is looking pretty darn exciting !!

Blessings Peeps  xox




Heading the Paleo Way, via Adelaide & Darwin :0)

Sooooooo… I’m in the process… towards the end of the process as I tend to jump into something once I’ve decided.. to ‘Go the Paleo way’. The more I research it, the better it looks !!
In these last few months in particular, I have been so unhappy with the way I feel in my own body.. and it’s not just about what size I am… I feel 100yrs old some of the time… my hips, knees and ankles ache, plus I’m having trouble with one of my shoulders. I simply feel ridiculous that I suffer from these type of joint issues at 38 !! I know I eat reasonably well, but of course I have the odd slip up.. and mostly it’s because I’VE BOUGHT IT INTO THE HOUSE !!! My bad !! The good thing about that is that it’s easily fixed.. JUST DON’T BUY IT !!
I have read so much information even just today that makes me so excited to get into this healthier lifestyle… I can almost taste how much better I’m going to feel.
It’s going to be tough while away, but I can only do my best with what I have. I’m glad we’re doing the ‘self catered’ holiday option, as it gives me so much room to eat/cook healthy.
The two things that concerned me the most when I started on this research journey were :
1. What do we have for breakfast when Cereals & bread are out? Well, in my searching, I’ve found this..
Breakfast Salad with Eggs Over Easy
I think this may become one of my ‘breakfast of choice’ when I need something in a rush. Plus it’s a good source of protein and vegetables to start the day. If I can have the veggies already cleaned, chopped and stored in the refrigerator it can take less than 5 minutes to put this breakfast together.
For those that are interested… Here’s how you prepare it.
Melt some grass-fed butter or coconut oil in a small frying pan over medium high heat.
Crack two eggs and cover, then prepare your salad on a plate.
Combine fresh baby spinach, peppers, onion, carrots, tomato, celery, avocado, broccoli or any of your favorite vegetables.
Cook the eggs to your preferred doneness; I like mine over easy (the juices from the egg run over the veggies and create a delicious dressing as you eat).
Season your salad with some sea salt and pepper, maybe a touch of avocado or olive oil and any other seasonings. Top it off with your two eggs and enjoy.

I mean seriously… how easy does that sound !! I also found this.. I think the kids will LOVE these.

My 2nd concern was lunch…. How do I substitute bread? I couldn’t believe it when I saw such an obvious idea of using lettuce leaves as your bread when making wraps (which is a meal we have a LOT). I think I’ll enjoy finding lots of great recipes for the kids & me to enjoy during the school day. I found the above recipes on a great blog site by a Mum just like me, so it’ll be fantastic to follow her blog and see how she does the Paleo way as a family.

I do think that DH will struggle with the smaller dinner size idea, as he likes to come home from work and eat a big meal, but I’m hoping he’ll notice the benefits in his own body in a positive way so that he sees the benefits of the change in routine. I will have to form a new brekky routine though and get up when he does and eat as a family as opposed to us eating a little later after he’s left. I suspect that I if I leave him to his own devices, he’ll revert to Weetbix each morning. I can’t see him cooking himself an egg… but who knows, maybe he’ll surprise me.

I’m pretty excited about this to be honest… I mean, getting healthier is of course appealing, but finding ways to make our food choices super yummy and appealing will be a challenge that I’ll enjoy taking on. Having made the decision to not purchase anything Halal Certified a few months back, out grocery purchases won’t need to change as much as they would have prior to this. I just need to source a good organic home delivery mob, and I’ll be all set.

Now, of course, I am going to go before The Lord with this first, before making any final decisions. One area I have been feeling convicted in is not having taken every decision before HIM !! Not just the big ones, but the little day to day ones too, so I’m going to head upstairs now, spend some time with my Heavenly Father, do some journalling… and continue to seek His guidance on this. I do realise, however, that I am simply choosing to live a healthy life for our family, not some diet fad, so of course that in itself is His will for us, but still… I’m trying to best to bring EVERYTHING before Him.

Of course, I’ll be keeping you all posted… as I’m sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat with the fascination of our lives… Bahahahahahahaha.

Blessings peeps xox

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