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HS Day 592 – The end of an awesome journey

& so begins my catch up blogs... I have been very lax in getting my thoughts down 'on paper' in the last few months, but in my defence, there has been a lot going on.  Hence the several posts that... Continue Reading →

The HS Bus is starting up !!

So, we're really on the countdown now to the first day of school for 2016.  Australia Day next Tuesday, and then into the thick of things on Wednesday.... our 3rd year as a Homeschool family.  Woo Hoo !!!  Praise The... Continue Reading →

Lack of blogging… Naughty Fi :0(

Hiya peeps !!! I can't believe that had I waited until t'row, it would've been TWO MONTHS with no blogging.. How uncommitted of me. BUT.. can't change that.. so let's move on... It's 2015 !! WHAT THE ?? How did... Continue Reading →

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