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Parkinson’s disease

Let the heart break..

Yes, it's been quite some time since blogging.  :0(  So much has been going on.. we have started back at school, moved house, started soccer season etc etc.. and been busier than we've probably ever been.   The stress levels... Continue Reading →

Dad’s surgery update !!

I'm late in writing this blog, but as they say.. better late than never ! The last 2wks have been CRAZY !!  Busy, stressful, exhausting, revealing, frustrating, hurtful, mind blowing, fun, sad, & lots more !!  Sounds like a whirlwind... Continue Reading →

HS Day 41 Part 2 – I don’t wanna write part 2 tho :0(

Hi all.  This is part 2 of what happened on Tuesday...  what was supposed to be Dad's surgery day !!  His long awaited, much fought for surgery ! Anyway.. in the pics shown in part 1, we were under the... Continue Reading →

HS Day 40 – Filing, filing & more filing !!

WOW !! The amount of paperwork involved in Homeschooling is amazing !!  The file system I started with is going to have to be revised.  Also, the children often need their completed books if they've had concept descriptions or diagrams... Continue Reading →

HS Day 23 – Schoolwork, Birthdays, Chinese food.. and a broken neck !

Well, here we are amidst day 24 actually ... But I basically haven't been asleep for any decent length of time since yesterday morning, so it's kinda still the same day . The kids had a great work day yest.... Continue Reading →

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