Lovely Shiloh

Have thine own way Lord



Why worry… God totally has this !!

Who woulda thought, but man oh man, it's complicated making decisions in regards to your children's schooling pathway.  As you al know, I homeschool my 3 treasures, but it's more accurate to say that they do Distance Education.  We are... Continue Reading →

The Colour Journey !!

Our Colour Journey began a few months ago when a saw a FB post.. someone selling 2 Colour tickets !!!  I automatically thought of gong with my sister.. and bought the tickets without even asking her...  LOL.  whoops !!  It... Continue Reading →

Gotta love a good church meeting with the fam of a Saturday arv !!

Ok, so this blog is going to be either long, disjointed, fragmented, poetic, short... or all of the above.   So... this arv at 1pm, all of the LifeHouse Family met.  When leaving 3hrs later, there was so much going on in... Continue Reading →

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