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HS Day 87 – Teeth, braces & impression moulds !!

Soooooo...  yesturday was a super fun day spent taking James for a dental X-ray and then appointment at the Orthodontist.  He has a weirdly placed front teeth, so after a dental visit a few weeks back, we were referred to... Continue Reading →

HS Day 41 Part 2 – I don’t wanna write part 2 tho :0(

Hi all.  This is part 2 of what happened on Tuesday...  what was supposed to be Dad's surgery day !!  His long awaited, much fought for surgery ! Anyway.. in the pics shown in part 1, we were under the... Continue Reading →

HS Day 40 – Filing, filing & more filing !!

WOW !! The amount of paperwork involved in Homeschooling is amazing !!  The file system I started with is going to have to be revised.  Also, the children often need their completed books if they've had concept descriptions or diagrams... Continue Reading →

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