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As Death gives way to Victory

As I sit here prepared to type this out.... I am actually not that prepared to be honest. ย This is a really special thing to be blogging about, something I'd love to keep to myself and the very few people... Continue Reading →


๐Ÿ’š My dear Dad’s Eulogy ๐Ÿ’š

Dad was born in Ipswich on 6th Dec 1949. He was the 5th child of Sam & Freda.ย  He is survived by two older brothers, and two older sisters. When Dad was 2yrs old, Grandad, who was a Baptist minister,... Continue Reading →

Deep Grief is the price of Deep Love

I've survived over 2mths without Dad, and I'm still surprised when I wake up each morning and I don't collapse under the pain of it. ย Don't get me wrong, the pain is far far less consuming that it was weeks... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Dad

Dear Dad It's been 23 days, 5hrs and 25mins since you took your last breath and became a resident of heaven. ย I have cried more in the last 3 and a bit weeks than I have in my entire 40.5yrs,... Continue Reading →

Let the heart break..

Yes, it's been quite some time since blogging. ย :0( ย So much has been going on.. we have started back at school, moved house, started soccer season etc etc.. and been busier than we've probably ever been. ย  The stress levels... Continue Reading →

God doesn’t make mistakes !!

This is a wide open raw post about our journey to accepting that our Master 11 has ADHD. ย I have put this diagnosis off for, literally, years, as I didn't want to 'label' my child. ย From the time he was... Continue Reading →

Master 11’s Glaucoma surgeries

In the interest of giving fair warning, two things - This post is about a medical procedure that my 11yr son needed to have in July 2016, and the follow-up surgery in November 2016. ย If you don't like reading about... Continue Reading →

HS Day 592 – The end of an awesome journey

& so begins my catch up blogs... I have been very lax in getting my thoughts down 'on paper' in the last few months, but in my defence, there has been a lot going on. ย Hence the several posts that... Continue Reading →

Keeping the mountain in sight

So, who else can go through times of losing sight of God's plan for them? During one of my lectures last week, there was a great visual illustration discussed that really nails this topic on the head. ย The story goes... Continue Reading →

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